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Posted by Coalman , 29 May 2008 · 156 views

Some good news to report..........

My buddy had no clue about my misadventure Monday. I got a voice mail at 0630 this morning. He was riding past the farm on his way to work and there were 5 turkeys out in the front field. That is how many were together Monday when I pulled in.

So what would any respectable working man turkey hunter do with 3 days left in the season?????????

I asked a co worker to cover my 0700 starting time for tomorrow and Friday. I'm going hunting.

Also some words of encouragement from my wife. She sensed I was bummed about something Monday. I told her. When I described my plan to her this morning for Thursday, Friday or Saturday she told me it was good to have her turkey hunter back.

Thank you all for your supprt too. It AIN'T over.

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