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Posted by Coalman , 29 May 2008 · 157 views

Got to hunt the "Pond Gobbler" Thursday morning. He has been making sporadic appearances at the farm. He was spotted Wednesday evening. Thursday morning he gobbled three times then went to the highest point in the field and stood there and displayed. He was happy. I was not.  ermm.gif Best part of the morning were the three whippoorwills just blasting their music thru the pre dawn fields.

Well here we are at Memorial Day weekend. Tradition calls for launching the boat. Went down to the docks tonight and they are still on shore. There has been a lot of remodeling going on. The winter ice took one of the cement pilings. It has been repaired but we are now getting an aluminum walk way. I am in no hurry to launch. So what's a guy to do.....

Turkey hunt of course. Here I go. Three days of physical abuse. I could by a butterball and get it over with. But....I love it.

Tomorrow I will be at the cemetery spot from a previous post. I plan on spending the whole morning in there. I will be in the parking spot
tomorrow morning at 0400. Should be to my listening spot by 0430.

I will ask myself Monday evening" Where did this weekend go" ?

Wishing all my HR friends a safe and memorable weekend. Please remember our soldiers in your prayers. Because of the sacrifices so many have given to this country to honor and protect it I salute you. Thank you for keeping me free. [img]http://i134.photobuc...les/salute1.gif[/

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