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New Pasture

Posted by Coalman , 22 July 2012 · 451 views

July 21/22-2012
When the yellow dog and I arrived at the Bay our neighbor was setting out supplies to construct an electric fence for their horses. I watched them build the field this spring. I volunteered to help. It would be a first for me. In no time the new pasture had a fence.

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The southerly view from camp became very peaceful.

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Sampson's Bay has come a long way. The brushy woods that once hid the history of the homestead have been reclaimed and is paying benefits to the local wildlife. A young bear has been seen three times recently. Once it was brave enough climb on our neighbors deck and help itself to a bag of apples. I got a detailed review on my visit there today. A doe and a fawn are frequently being seen in all the green corners. There is a fox den in the stone wall and at 0450 this morning I heard a turkey gobble.

Bay loves to ride on the four wheeler. I bought a saddlebag for the back rack and it has a seat. One leap from the ground and Bay was ready to go. We took two trips up the deer fly infested mountain.
I've got a new riding buddy.

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