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2Nd Choice State

Posted by Coalman , 29 November 2015 · 261 views

I'm just a happy homeboy from Exeter, NH. I haven't traveled a whole lot but when I do there has been no place like home. I'm proud to be native NH.
Walking behind Belle on a ruffed grouse hunt yesterday morning in Exeter and not flushing any birds my mind wandered to where in the USA could I relocate that offered the same or better than what coastal NH has to offer?
Here on the coast we have no neighbors to our east other than the salty variety. Travel an hour north, south or west and you have the choice of cities or big woods and mountains.
So where would I be happy?
Second to NH my choice would be the eastern part of that state. No neighbors to the east unless you count salmon and trout in Lake Michigan. Lots of hunting and fishing opportunities and Milwaukee and Green Bay for the big city fix.
That was my daydream. And I'm sticking with it. :)

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