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Tracks In The Snow. Signs On The Poles.

Posted by Coalman , 23 January 2016 · 299 views

For the past week when I let Belle out to do her morning business she lifts her nose in the air and tests the prevailing W-NW wind. She starts with a throaty growl, then the fur on her back lifts like a mohawk, she scrapes her paws on the ground and ends up barking at the woods. Her message is clear, stay off my turf.
At first I though it might be she was getting a whiff of the winter flock of wild turkeys that roam the back forty but after a text from my neighbor yesterday morning I'm starting to see what she is agitated with.
Through the open winter woods our neighbors wife saw turkeys flying into trees when they should have been flying down. Not but a minute later out from behind their shed steps a full grown mature coyote. No doubt with a turkey dinner on it's mind.
Since our weather last weekend the powder snow has been giving up the secret travels of our backyard wildlife. Last Sunday an unusual set of tracks walked through our yard. I knew right away they were made by an opossum. I followed the tracks backwards. It has a den under one of our other neighbors shed.
Thursday a new set of tracks showed up out back. The gray fox are still in the hood. Those tracks and scent, sent Belle into a tizzy. She doesn't particularly care for her canine relatives.
But the picture below says all is well in predator land. From the size of the track and the lope I'm putting my money on large male fisher.
And you wonder why we see signs on telephone poles looking for lost cats.
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