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In Quest Of A Drummer

Posted by Coalman , 10 April 2016 · 323 views

BIL and I visited the Bay. Time for a 2016 gobbler season spring cleaning.
Brought the cameras. Set one on the crossing above the brook where I shot my eight point in 2014. I saw deer tracks there in the snow on our visit last month.
Camera # 2 is guarding the low gap a couple hundred feet up the trail.
Camera #3 was saved for the drumming log. The one I chose a month ago wasn't being used. So our search continued. BIL went north up the mountain. I went south.
With my eyes closed I visualized where I have been hearing the drumming since the founding days of Bay's Place. In October 2012 the drumming came from the same place as the previous May.
There along the stone wall was another prospect log. It was very exciting for both of us to find it.
Posted Image
The camera view now set on video.
Posted Image
In quest of  Drummer!
Side note.. the turkeys are back!!

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