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Wild Turkey Updates

Posted by Coalman , 06 May 2016 · 218 views

Aired out the yellow dogs at 0600 this AM and the gobbles and yelps from the back forty gave me goose bumps thinking of the fun we are about to embark on next month.
My neighbors at Sampson's Bay in Maine sent me a picture last week of fifty birds in their pasture. Hopefully those birds disperse on the mountain.
BIL and I are going up to camp this weekend for spring cleaning and to set our cameras on drumming logs.
24 days to go for ME. 25 days to go for NH. The countdown is on.
Took a trip to Sampson's Bay for spring cleaning. Turkey poop sighted on the camp lawn and tracks in the pasture and tote roads.
Best of all.... scratching's on the mountain.
Therrrrrre BACK!
Grillin' and chillin' in the backyard last night we were serenaded by at least three gobblers from across the brook.
They would answer my natural voice calling. The lost whistle really worked them up.
They gobbled on their own after roost time.
Got a text from BIL. They were gobbling good in his woodlot next to the Big Pond.
The gobbles were singing from the roost this AM. Lots of intensity and challenge gobbling.
My theory...peak breeding season.
And I'm sticking too it. :)
We were all set up at 0500 this morning for NH's 2016 Youth Wild Turkey Gobbler Hunt anticipating calling in a big tom for our charge, Nathan Master.
Maybe it was the hot pink sky of daybreak, for a few minutes after I started calling I could hear leaves crunching behind me. Really didn't give it much thought until the footfalls became extremely close.
Instinct involuntarily made me turn around. There just a few arms lengths away, crouched and ready to pounce was a coyote.
It freaked me out.
The hunters became the hunted. This coyote even came back one more time.
Mr. Coyote, if you are reading this Tuesday is my opening day. You do that again, you meet your maker.
Thank you Nathan and Danny for coming today. What a great time we had. Turkeys were everywhere. Just not in our shot cone.
Looking forward to 2017.
Heard five. Saw none. Gobbling quit a half an hour after fly down.

Went to work.

Tomorrow is another day.
Shot one this morning.
With my IPhone
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