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More Turkey Hunting Tails

Posted by Coalman , 30 May 2016 · 188 views

Yes Tails. :)
Hunted with my son Shawn this morning. We started at Habitat Improvement. Walking into the field we could see a bunch of silhouettes which turned into at least seven deer. Our woods and field work in this piece is keyed towards deer and it is good to see it is working. We also got buzzed on a fly by, by a couple woodcock.
Arrived 0445. First gobble 0500 from somewhere far off. We both pointed in different directions. Next gobble around 0600 came from the Sanctuary so we shimmied up to the field for a closer look.
We got a closer look at the coyote I called in during youth season. It was too far off for a shot. At 0700 both of us weren't into the silence so we called it a morning.
This entry is backwards but it says how my turkey season has been going. Guess I should pack the shotgun in my golf bag. Seventh fairway and my ball rested by the tree. I got within thirty yards of these two long beards before they decided to depart with their three hens.
I'd rather be partridge hunting!
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