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Woe Is Me

Posted by Coalman , 30 May 2016 · 237 views

Woe is me.
Crow call and turkeys gobble on roost. Problem is they are on the other side of the river.

Troll down to the river and hear one I think is on my side. Set up, call, he gobbles.
Nope other side of the river. Slowly but surely he makes his way to me, on the other side of the river. Can't see him but I know from his last gobble he is standing on the opposite bank directly across from me.
Footsteps behind me getting closer. Peek around my tree and a doe has me pegged. A very pregnant doe. Deer winds me and blows. Next gobble a hundred yards and getting further away. You guessed it...other side of the river.
Work my way along river calling. Take a break next to a good looking pasture, hear nothing and leave. Half way back to the truck reach in pocket for crow call. Lost it. It is in either of two locations. I'll be back.
Hike up the hill to the field my son shot his first turkey a few years ago. Call, hear gobble, my side of river. Right where I started the morning from. Get there, set up, call, he gobbles, hen scolds me and he won't leave, she won't come. Get above the river bottom trying a different set up on them, have knock down drag out with hen, neither will budge.
Now more turkeys start gobbling in the flats. One sounds like it is in the Fiddlehead Flat. Long walk around to get there. Finally arrive, all I get is silence. At least the fiddleheads are doing OK.
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The landowner was at his cabin where I parked. The coffee was black and hot. He didn't have to ask twice if I'd like to share breakfast of bacon eggs and hash browns.
Stopped by Habitat Improvement on the way home. First call was answered by a gobble on the Sanctuary. Never heard him again.
Woe is me. :(

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