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Thanks Dad!

Posted by Coalman , 30 May 2016 · 253 views

Three years ago on 05-22-13 our Dad took his ride to the happy hunting grounds in the sky. I dedicated the rest of my turkey season to him.

Three days later on 05-25-13 I shot the Boss Gobbler of Habitat Improvement.
Today was time for a memory hunt in my dad's honor. Wish it had turned out as successful as 2013 but I didn't leave without new information.
Never heard a bird gobble on the roost. Working my way back to the truck I called and a bird gobbled from the place they were roosted during our youth season hunt. Man this bird had a good long throaty gobble. So I set up on a point of woods that sticks into the field where during youth season one gobbler and two jakes went by well within range.
He would not answer my calls so I went silent. Out of the fog appeared one, two, three, four deer. I knew from their reaction they could smell me but they could not see me. Curious buggers they are as they walked to within fifty yards searching. I could see they were all bucks with small nubbins protruding from their scalps.
They kept looking behind them and soon out of the fog appeared what looked like two hens. They were a long way off. I didn't see any display or light bulb heads. They disappeared into the oak flat.
The nemesis called working for a living cut short my memory hunt.
Thanks Dad! This hunt was for you!

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