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Last Day Spring Woods 2016

Posted by Coalman , 10 June 2016 · 293 views

The gobblers were AWOL yesterday morning. This morning they woke up the neighborhood.
Yesterday at noon in Exeter at my mom's house their backyard bird was gobbling at every sound.
Maine closes 06-04-16
Now is the time!
For those who start their spring season in March...I live the hunt through them.
Tomorrow is the last day of spring gobbler season 2016 in the United States.
Gotta love Maine.
Tomorrow you live the hunt through me.
Wish me luck.
Maine 06-04-16
Last day of spring gobbler hunting.
8.2 miles logged today from 0430 to 1130. One four hour memory hunt. Started in my buck spot. Stuck to the trails to the Break in the Stonewall. Bushwhacked to Bill's place past The Big Pine.
Followed the state line back to Newfield Rd. Through the new choppings and then down the hollow I hunted opening day. Ended full circle back at my buck spot.
Checked out two new areas that have been on my bucket list. Drumming grouse, owls, crows, songbirds, a donkey bray and roosters. Not one gobble. But you know what?
As my good friend Roccus would say....It was a great day to be alive.
I was quiet this spring. Didn't take any time off. Went about a half dozen times. Thirty five years of chasing tom will do that to you.

But ya know? I had a great spring right from the bedroom window. Our back forty toms supplied almost daily roost music. One evening the wife and I were chillin' and grillin" when they started gobbling. We took out our lawn chairs and settled in. The box call was singing and they were roaring. Wife got it on video on her phone. I just needed to watch that for my fix.
It was a tough sell early on in the season. We've had two fantastic years of broods. Many more hens in the mix that kept the gobblers happy.

By the time they started responding good most guys had quit hunting and went fishing. I shot a 20.5 pounder in NH the 29th. Season closed the 31.

They were ripe for picking.
The next chapter of my life is that of my yellow lab. Born and bred with MI and WI parents who have ruffed grouse blood. Been a long time since I've had a canine hunting partner like her. I have two weeks off in October and two weeks off in December to lay some boot rubber in the upland bird coverts.
Her name is Belle but I call her Hollywood!
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