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Slinging Slime

Posted by Coalman , 12 July 2016 · 445 views

Slinging Slime 07-10-16
Chock up another finfish. Caught a 14" winter flounder yesterday. My buddy is trapping Dungeness Crab in Puget Sound in Washington state. He sent a picture of a dogfish in the crab trap.
Same results today as the week before. Better than a pound per trap yet four traps were duds. Did some repositioning of the duds to more fertile ground.
I predict one more good week. The weather this week is suppose to be HOT. They are forecasting five days in a row over ninety degrees. That is going to warm up the Bay too much for the lobster's liking and the mass exodus will start to take place.
I'm loving this new Lowrance Hook 5 fish finder. It shows bottom contours and depths. Now setting traps is like following a topo map to the holes.
Slinging slime Monday night. The tide at the Point should be high just around dusk. Going to try the Ledge as soon as the tide turns out.
There is nothing like the Great Bay to soothe this bayman's primal harvester urges.
By far the best afternoon and evening OTW slinging slime for the striped ones.
Bites, bites, bites. Notice I didn't say, catch, catch, catch. They would pick it up and drop it. As soon as they felt any pressure while you were waiting for the circle hook to grip, they spit.
More than once when the eel hit the water they would boil on it, but they wouldn't eat it.
We landed two and had tenfold that many bites.
I think they were full. What a prime fat 27.5" Great Bay striper

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