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Opening Day Upland 2016

Posted by Coalman , 01 October 2016 · 1,491 views

Found enough grapes in our NH cover we should contact a vineyard. Or Stonewall Kitchen.
I'm hoping for a couple good frosts to start fermentation. I could use any advantage.
The grouse were there. It is thicker than an Amazon jungle. Many encounters. one visual.
Back to the cover I found the last day of the Maine Season 2015. I swear this was cut with wildlife in mind. The  ^lands were beautiful but bone dry. So we headed to the lowlands.
That is where the birds were. Wet stunted hemlock and fir in the hillside seeps at the bottom the ridge.
Belle cast left and disappeared. I heard the bird flush. Even before the butt of the 555 had a chance to seat in my shoulder the grouse sailed across the grown up woods road on a glide with set wings and full fan.
If I could only paint. :)

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