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Leupold RXII Rangefinder

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Posted 20 September 2006 - 12:27 PM

Okay I bought one and took it on my trip to Canada to hunt bears out of treestands. The outfitter had explained the stands were so close on some shots that they were under 15 yards. Taking that in and the heights of the stands I was thinking of angles of shot placements. Then the advertising kicked in on several TV shows and that got me thinking some more. Before I knew it I was bidding on one on eBay. Now several other manufacturers have come out with their version.

I tested it out and ranged every bait site at the base of the stand then again at the top in the stand. The shot angle displayed and the shot was less by 3 to 4 yards almost in every occasion.

A 20 yard shot at the base on the ground shrank to 16 yards. I admit that it's not much of a difference when my first pin is 20 yards on my sight. But with bears the boiler room is small and I felt better knowing to hold it low when the time came.

I used it and I think it was relatively easy to use. Quick readings and good vision and magnification through it. Very compact for putting in your shirt pocket or tucked away in a back pack before or after using it.

If you're looking for a rangefinder I'd recommend this one and especially if you have step downward or upward shots.

Leupold rangefinder
Completely unlike other rangefinders, all four models in the new RX Series are packed with multiple, customizable functions. These are much more than glorified tape measurers.

True Ballistic Range will make a huge impact on your accuracy, giving you a much more accurate measurement than the straight line distance to your target. The RX uses an inclinometer to measure up and down hill shots, coupled with the ballistics of your projectile to give you the equivalent horizontal range, and for rifle hunters, a holdover/holdunder point or an MOA adjustment. No other rangefinder does so much to help you make the shot of a lifetime.

?The First Smart Rangefinder? is an understatement when you consider all the other customizable functions and features of the RX. The Match 13? Reticle System?. Multiple environmental modes to overcome virtually all conditions. Measurement in feet, yards, and meters. Temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Quick Set Rotary Menu? with digital signal processing to guide you quickly and easily through it all.

It took Leupold to bring you the first truly rugged and nitrogen-filled waterproof riflescope back in 1947. We were first with the Duplex reticle. First with the Index Matched Lens System. First with so many features that are now the standard for excellence. Now, you can take advantage of the power and accuracy of the first smart
rangefinder for hunters. The Leupold RX.

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Posted 02 October 2006 - 06:54 PM

My motto is 'hold low'--- derived from Jack O'Connnors fairly well proven theory that most missed shots are due to overestimation of the range and/or the angle of dangle.

Jer and I had some wide disagreement on this point(holding low) some time back.His thinking was that at 15-20 yrds the laws of physics didnt apply from a bowhunters treestand. Well LO AND BEHOLD the new rangefinders calculate hypotenuse and angle up/down and opposite side length to give the true distance be it 15 yrds or 350 yrds.

A shooter who doesnt believe in O.H.A.H.O.A. ( the trig rules ) will find himself sorely disapppointed come hunting season.


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