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Testing Black Mag 3 in my White Rifle

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Posted 25 October 2006 - 03:35 PM

I've been testing Black Mag 3 the last couple days in a number if different rifles and with numerous different projectiles. I was at the 50 yard line shooting Black Mag 3 in a flintlock. Well it works with a black powder 4f prime, but there is delay. It worked better when I duplexed it with 10 grains of Goex. But I think I will stick with the Goex when it comes to my rock locks.

Posted Image

Then I decided to see how it behaved in my White Ultra Mag .504.
I did not alcohol swab the barrel since it was protected with Sheath from Birchwood Casey Products. Instead I push a clean patch to the bottom of the breech and popped one RWS cap. Pulled the patch and it was all burnt up so I figured I was good to go.

I loaded 70 grains of Black Mag 3 - no wads - no corn meal- and a 460 grain BullShop Conical. The weight of my range rod loaded the conical all but the last two inches. With the conical firmly in place...

At the center bull target (lower left corner) off one sand bag as a rest (just like my deer blind :D ), I shot a four shot group. The first shot hit right there with all the others. There was lots of smoke, and the steel trap really sang out when it got smacked. I have no idea in the world what the speed of that would be with 70 grains. I'd guess it to be around 1350-1400 fps.

No swabbing what so ever, I shot at the upper right corner of the target (upper left in the picture). I was a little excited with that group and left it at a four shot group.

I then aimed at the lower right corner of the target (an picture) and shot a four shot group again. Then we had to show off and I threw one. Why, who knows. I think it was the muzzleloader Gods playing a joke on me.

I shot a total today of forty conicals (should make Bull Shop happy as I will be ordering soon) and never swabbed, had a misfire, or a hang fire. This Black Mag 3 worked pretty good in the White I have to admit.

Clean up of the barrel was easy. I took the rifle apart, poured two cups of hot dishwater through the barrel and it was all done. I scrubbed the breech, the breech plug, and the hammer all in under five minutes. Back at the bench I wiped the scope down, ran solvent patches through everything and found there was no need for that. And had the rifle back together and on the shelf in just over 18 minutes. Not too bad.

I might actually get to like this powder for the White. Especially with the first shot hitting with all the others. That would mean I could leave the rifle loaded all season until needed and expect no rust, and excellent accuracy... trouble is I have no more Black Mag 3 to play with until I can get my hands on some more...three days of shooting on a pound will about do them in.

Just wanted you all to know... As for the flintlock it was a lot more fun & faster ignition, shooting the 100 grain of Goex 2f and a .530 patched roundball then with the black mag....
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