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I finally saw a deer

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Posted 02 December 2006 - 08:06 PM

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Well I finally saw a deer today. A very small deer, but still a deer. It was the first deer I saw all SEASON. I went out this afternoon with my .54 caliber Lyman Trade Rifle flintlock. I was loaded with 90 grains of Goex 2f and a Speer patched ball. I was using Goex 3f as my pan powder.

Having had terrible luck all season I was headed out again. I love to hunt and hate to get skunked. It snowed this morning so I could see well in the woods. I had been out in the morning during the snow, but since it had stopped I decided to give my Flintlock a turn at bat.

Actually I was challenging fate because I have never got a shot at a deer with this flintlock, had no idea if I could make the flintlock even work, was teasing the deer because I was crazy depending on a flintlock in a snow and damp environment. I was basically giving myself a lot of excuses to not get a shot off. Then I dared a deer to show itself.

On the way out to where I wanted to hunt, I saw a very recent track as there was no snow in the hoof print. This meant it was passed not more then half an hour prior to my coming through since it just quite snowing. I guessed the deer was heading towards a small island in the cedar marsh. It was a small track but it was a fresh track.

I then started my stalk, taking a few steps and stopping. I continued this for over 200 yards and saw nothing. This little hike took me hours to do though, and was eating up the afternoon. And I was running out of time. I figured I had about forty five minutes to an hour of time left before I had to get myself out of the marsh.

So I then began heading to the brushed out boundary line that I share with the Federal National Forest. The forest service brushed out the boundary since there was talk of them clear cutting their section. Deer will sometimes stand in these brushed out areas where there is grass and other things they can browse on. I figured if it got dark at least I could walk out easy.

I finally got to the boundary line. Because of the snow and moisture outside, I was changing my pan powder every half hour just to make sure it was fresh. I was just about to step out into the cleared area when I spotted something moving through the brush, headed for the boundary in front of me down the line. I looked around and found a tree to lean into, and waited. I then removed the frizzen cover just in case. I kept my glove over the frizzen and lock hoping it would keep it dry from the snow.

I stood there and waited and watched I figured to wait until the last minute to see what would step out. That's when it finally walked into the brushed out area. It was a DEER!! :D I could not believe how excited I was. There really are deer here in the woods. Then I realized I had a flintlock, it was snowing again, and the deer was not in a position to shoot yet.

I watched the deer wander around on the boundary. It was further away then I thought, or very small, and I figured the second was probably true. I leaned the rifle into the tree to steady it. I then cocked the flint hammer back and hoped it was going to fire like it had all the times of the range.

The problem now was, I was running out of day light and the deer would not turn sideways to give me a broadside shot. I was also concerned that even if it turned sideways and I shot, the deer would run off into the marsh and the snow would cover its tracks. Entering the marsh at night is dangerous. Too many broken ankles in there.

I kept looking down the barrel over the buck horn sights at the little deer. As the deer lowered it's head to the ground I thought, neck shot. That would plant the deer right there, easy to get out, and if I timed it right, and missed the spine, the ball should pass through and still hit the vital organs.

When the deer stood there almost facing me I then knew if I did not shoot soon, I would be out of day light and have to walk out empty handed. As the deer lowered it head down again, I lined up the neck and where the heart and major organs should be. I then took my time and aimed. I put gentle pressure on the trigger while holding my sight picture. And the rifle roared perfect. I never saw the flash of the pan at all. The smoke of course covered my vision for a few seconds.

The smoke cleared and there I could see a large brown spot of the ground in the grass. I started to reload figuring it would have just a broken neck is all. When I walked up to it, I observed a very small deer laying there stone dead. The ball had broke the neck, and then came through cutting the heart in two. From there it passed down, along the body and exited hitting a rear leg breaking that as well. Where the ball went after that, I have no idea. All of this was learned during field dressing. Just for kicks I took out my range finder and shot the tree I had been leaning on. 52 yards.

Then the real work began, and I dragged it out. For once I was glad it was little.... Tomorrow, out to fill my buck tag.
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Posted 02 December 2006 - 08:22 PM

Hey man congratulations I am more of a meat hunter than a head hunter too. To get one with a flintlock is an accomplishment in itself. Besides the little ones do drag much easier don't they. Pretty tender too.

That shot says a whole bunch about the power of the old round ball too. I have never found a round ball wanting in the power or penetration department. I just try to keep my shots at 75 yds or less.

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Posted 02 December 2006 - 08:37 PM

Congratulations on the deer and the shot :yes:


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Posted 02 December 2006 - 08:38 PM

Way to go.
I'll never forget my first deer with a flinter, she wasn't very big either.
80 yards in the woods with a round ball. Dropped like ya smacked her with a sledgehammer.
I still got two tags left, looks like late flinter season for me.

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Posted 02 December 2006 - 11:14 PM

:thumbsup: congrats on using the traditional frontstuffer and your got a deer too!
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Posted 03 December 2006 - 05:14 PM

:boone: :thumbsup: Nice going there Cayugad. See I knew YOU could kill a deer with a flintlock. :yes: If I can do it anybody can. :lol:
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Posted 03 December 2006 - 05:37 PM

I recall a hunt with my two sons that I had a bunch of does come running up to me and stopped at about 35 yds. I cocked the hammer back and took aim at a big old doe. I pulled the trigger but nothing happened. I pulled the hammer back and closed the frizzen again and looked Yep they are still standing there. I took aim at what I thought was the same big old doe and got great ignition and a good hit except I killed a little one. Apparently the big one moved while I was otherwise occupied and a little one stepped up into her place. That was ok as we had quite a little drag back to the vehicle and the little one was a whole lot easier than the big one would have been.
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Posted 04 December 2006 - 04:18 PM



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