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An often overlooked recoil reduction method

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#1 Leo


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Posted 16 January 2007 - 09:25 AM

This is something I've done for so long I frankly have forgotten how much a difference it makes. And it seems it applies to any heavy recoiling weapon.

Those gunstock side ammo carriers are not only handy. They can easily add quite a bit of weight to a gun and reduce felt recoil significantly. I first discovered this in the duck blinds and quickly learned to leave as many shells in the loops as possible throughout the day. My shoulder could definitely tell the difference after a box of 3 1/2" goose loads. I then found this is especially true with large 12ga turkey loads where just five rounds in the ammo loops on the stock add almost 1 lb to the shotgun (nothing to sneeze at). Turkey hunting is typically a one shot per day deal so you don't need a bunch of ammo. My ammo loops stay full anyhow just because the gun shoots better with the extra weight.

I applied the same logic to my rifles, because I reasoned this must also true be for rifles that shoot heavy bullets with big cartridges. 8-10 big cartridges adds up to a significant amount of weight on the gun. Experience has taught me, this quite simply works.

You may feel you don't need to carry that much ammo or even think a side stock ammo carrier is all that handy. But it sure is an easy and potentially useful way to add weight to a gun and reduce felt recoil that requires practically no skill to install. ;)
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Posted 16 January 2007 - 10:34 AM

Leo that extra weight will absolutely be a big factor in felt recoil and provide a quick access place for ammo over carrying it in a pocket.

Having said that I do not use one. I shoot primarily left handed but have over the years been caught in a situation where unless I shot from the right side I would not get the shot. I am cross dominate meaning I am left eye dominate and right handed. All my rifles are right handed bolt action that I shoot lefty. My favorite two go to rifles have been restocked, one with a shoot from either side composite stock and the other with a left hand cheek piece but for a right handed bolt. I have always done a little practice shooting from the "other side" which for me is right handed. Those cartridges can be very rough on the cheek as I found out using my son-in-laws shotgun to shoot a raccoon one night.

I have never considered a thumbhole stock for the same reason.

My shotguns I use the most have the safety switched over to lefty operation but are all designed for right handed operation.

For me personally I would have to think long and hard before installing anything on the stock that would limit the use of my rifle and shotgun to only shooting from one side. Then again I am a bit different from most shooters.
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Posted 16 January 2007 - 12:42 PM

Since I hunt with a single shot T/C Encore .270, the over the stock cartrige carrier is very handy but I never thought of it reducing recoil. I can see how it would though, now that you mention it. Thanks Leo. :yes:

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