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Different projectiles tested

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Posted 23 April 2006 - 03:02 PM

Today I was determined to sight in the new scope, a 2-7x32mm Nikon Pro Staff on the White Ultra Mag .504. I did my shooting from the 25 yard line. It was in the high 40's with a very strong wind. I had some problems with the new target stand and the wind, but stuck with it. The Millet will be moved to the Knight Disc.

I was shooting 70 grains of Triple Se7en 3f powder, two 1/16th fiber wads, and the 460 grain No Excuse Conical.

Posted Image

My first shot showed me where the scope was hitting, so I made my first adjustment. I then fired #2-#4 shot and was satisfied somewhat. I made a slight adjustment, and then fired for each corner. Shot #7 was the winds fault. Just as I was about to squeeze off, the target bowed in the wind.

Over all I was pleased with the way the scope handles on the rifle and the easy of aiming. I was shooting off 4X. At no time did I swab the barrel for all eight shots.

After knowing the scope was on.. I then wanted to see how the White Rifle did with sabots. After another White Ultra Mag owner's shooting yesterday of sabots and his reports, I had to see for myself.

Posted Image

#1 .458 Hornady 300 grain HP with 100 grains Triple Se7en 2f. The shot close to the bull was me making an adjustment.

#2 .452 Hornady 300 grain XTP with 100 grains of Triple Se7en 2f.

#3 .458 405 grain Remington FP with 90 grains Triple Se7en 2f. I was real impressed with the group this projectile shot. My first three shots was just a hole in the target so I fired five more for effect.

#4 .451 375 grain Buffalo Bullet SSB with 90 grain Triple Se7en 2f. Again, very pleased with the way these shot.

#5 .400 200 grain Thompson Center Shockwave with 110 grain Triple Se7en 2f. I was really surprised how well the White shot these light bullets. That's a four shot group and actually the one out of the main group could have been me or the wind. I was trying to time my squeeze between the wind gusts when shooting these targets.

On all the sabots, the point of aim was dead center bull... The #11 cap ignition worked flawless. And even though I was shooting Triple Se7en, at no time could I feel the crud ring problem both loading or swabbing.
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