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Posted 12 February 2008 - 06:34 PM

Are any of you here unsure of your future? If you find yourself unsettled when you think about things such as, "What's going to happen when I die?", then I encourage you to visit this web page, bullseyeconcepts.com/jil.htm and read it with an open mind and heart.

Now, what about the rest of you who already stand assured? Have you really given much thought to "The Great Commission"? You know, the Bible calls all Christians to be witnesses for Christ. (Matthew 28:18-20 - Also Acts 1:8 ; Matthew 24:14 ; Acts 2:32 ; Acts 5:32 ; Acts 22:15 ; I Timothy 6:12...) However, the latest statistics show that only around two percent of professing Christians actively share their faith with others. (That should be a shocking embarrassment to us all as seeing the lost saved is priority number one.)

There is really no prerequisite for a Christian to share their faith with unbelievers. (I know I always used to think that I had to be some Bible Scholar to share my faith. Either that or I thought that I had to go stand on a street corner with a Bible in my hand and shout at everyone who went past that they must repent or something like that which seems to offend more than anything.) Truth be told, advancing the Kingdom of God is a lot "easier" and more painless than most think.

I would like to share with you all a simple step that even the most "shy" persons should have no problem in doing. I believe that if you step out to do this, you will become hungry for more with time. Certainly you will be helping out The Great Commission and being a blessing to others. I can not really take credit for this idea. (Many have done similar things.) I would say the development of this particular set-up was a tag team effort between myself and a dear brother in Christ. With that said...

I recently designed a business-card-sized Gospel tract that looks something like this...

Posted Image

Now, there are several web sites that offer free business card printing in exchange for placing a small, one line advertisement for their business on the back of the card. The particular site I used was vistaprint.com. Believe it or not, they do not have a problem with printing these and I only paid $5.45 shipping and handling for 250 cards!

Due to their great small size I will carry these with me virtually everywhere I go. Some I will actually hand to individuals. The rest will be left in shopping carts, with tips at restuarants, in doctor's offices, phone boothes, and many other places of this like in my travels. As the card just doesn't allow for much to be said, the web link at the bottom finishes the job.

I would be most pleased if others here would elect to do the same! Feel free to use my design above or start from scratch with your own design. (The same goes for the web page. Feel free to use it or create your own if you wish.) Here is the layout for the card I made if you do use it on vistaprint.com...

In the "Company Name" box place:
Are YOU a Good Person?

In the "Message" box place:
Have you ever told a lie?
Have you ever stolen?
Ever used God's name in vain?

In the "Job Title" box place:
In God's eyes YOU are a sinner.
Romans 6:23 says, "The wages of
Sin is Death..."
Pass from Death to LIFE: Turn
from your sin today and be Born Again. Receive Christ and trust that He paid YOUR penalty in full.

In the "Web / Other" box place:

See, what did I tell you? Totally painless and for right around $.02 per tract (to cover shipping cost to your door) you can plant many seeds.

Thanks for reading. :)

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