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Real Names?

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#16 Woody


    Totally Addicted

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Posted 29 March 2006 - 08:53 PM

Hey I am Woody, I will be Woody and I'm gonne be Woody always eh! :D
And Patsy will be Patsy, is gonne be Patsy and always will be the Queen of the North or the Princess or the Godess :D We are not fussy just happy to be here! Looking forward to keeping all of our friends we have made over the last few years thanks to BO, I gotta give him that, Thanks Dave Watson. Big thanks to Jer for keeping this site up Thanks bud, Love ya!
Your friends,
Patsy and Woody

Edited by Woody, 29 March 2006 - 08:55 PM.

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Woody, and the Queen
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#17 J Gabel

J Gabel

    Can Charge Rent

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Posted 29 March 2006 - 09:58 PM

I'm with fatty, I mean Marty.
LOL You know me.........call me what ya like, just not late for dinner!!!



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Posted 30 March 2006 - 11:29 AM

I think that if everybody changed names, then nobody would know who anyone is. Just my $.02 , for what it's worth.Thanks Jeremiah for the new site. :yes:

#19 Whitetiger


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Posted 30 March 2006 - 04:49 PM

I go by my old nickname Whitetiger but my real name is Scott Daw. There was another scott on the old bo site so I didnt bother using my real name.

#20 TerryfromAR


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Posted 30 March 2006 - 06:37 PM

Used TerryfromAR on the BO site, and decided to use it here, that way noone got confused, LOL it was confusing enough being out of touch with everyone for this long anyways
Semper Fi

#21 iamyourhuckleberry


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Posted 30 March 2006 - 06:42 PM

I'll always be your huckleberry.....
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Lurking in McDonalds near you!

Confidence makes the hunter, PSE makes the bow.

#22 RobertR


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Posted 30 March 2006 - 07:57 PM

Now I could confuse all the newbies :rofl: my old handle ($1.59) buck59 but I wont

It's just me from the boone docks born and raised by wild animals.

Robert R
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#23 woodys_daughter01



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Posted 31 March 2006 - 11:40 AM

Woodys Daughter describes me pretty well, so if he's Woody, then I am his daughter...lol

Of course since my Mom is Queen of the North, then I'll just say that I'll just continue to be daughter of Queen of the North....no title necessary!! :rofl: :rofl:
Dream, Strive, Drive

Sometimes I wonder, why is that Frisbee getting bigger? Then it hits me.

#24 silvertip-co


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Posted 31 March 2006 - 12:17 PM

Any name ok as long as I know whom it is. I am Charlie Johnson [or Sven(Swen)].

or jus plain ol Silvertip. Call me anythin.

Jus don't call me late for supper (even if it's a pnut butter sammich).


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