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Free Anti-virus

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Posted 25 August 2008 - 12:59 PM

If you are like me you realized long ago that the "big dog" anti-virus programs that come bundled with new computers, such as Norton, really do not work very well (especially at actually REMOVING viruses/trojans once detected). You also realized that these programs use a TON of system resources (CPU and RAM) and that they cost a lot of money annually for what they do.

You more than likely ended up hitting Google to find "best anti-virus programs" and ended up finding out that a few companies actually offer free solutions. After all of your research you likely ended up using AVG anti-virus, AVG anti-spyware (formerly Ewido), and AVG anti-root-kit. Life was great!! You had solid protection, a computer that performed better than when it was new, and it was all for free!

Then... Along came AVG version 8.0. At first, you were excited because the user interface was much improved. You also realized that the anti-virus and anti-spyware software had been rolled into one program and decided this was all good. Unfortunately, as time went by you began having MANY instances of the "automatic updater" not working. You may have even had to reinstall the entire program a time or two due to errors and corrupted files within AVG thanks to the updater.

You eventually began to think, "I know this software is free so I can't ask for a whole lot. But, I at least need something that works more often than not and doesn't throw errors at me every other day."

My friends, if you are in that boat I can tell you that I finally jumped ship last week. I couldn't take another day of wondering if AVG 8.0 was going to work for me. I went back "in search of" and came up with Avira's Antivir. Of the reviews and product testing I have read, Antivir actually has better virus detection than AVG Free as well as an even lighter "footprint". So far, it does seem to use less resources. The system scan takes about an hour less on my machine too! Updates are fast and regular. The entire suite is very similar to AVG in that it's mostly "set it and forget it".

The only downside I have come across so far with the free Avira product is that a large pop-up ad opens sometimes during update. This is easily closed, however, and still less prominent than the "buy me" nag that AVG 8.0 has at the bottom of its UI every time you open it. The only other issue I can see is that free Antivir doesn't have an incoming e-mail scanner. (I use webmail though so don't even care. Besides, I'd rather have dependable coverage with no e-mail scanner than malfunctioning coverage with a scanner. :blink: )

All told, I still have yet to find the "perfect solution". But, I am quite pleased with my new anti-virus program. (It also covers trojans, root-kits, and has a phishing filter but not spyware... So, I reinstalled the old trusty Lavasoft anti-spyware program to cover that.) I think anyone who is feeling the AVG woes these days will be pleased as well.

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