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A Hunting Show Goof

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Posted 03 September 2008 - 07:58 PM

I try not to pick on the hunting shows but the other night I saw something I felt was just a bit disturbing. To be honest I can't remember the name of the show but they were taking people who were disabled on hunts. I'm all for that and aplaud them for doing so. My problem is this. On one of the hunts they took a young boy who had a rare disease. The opening shot shows the boy and two grown men laying prone over looking a field with deer grazing in it. They spotted a shooter buck but had to wait for it to present a shot. Now the boy was resting his single shot rifle across what apeared to be a pack. In order to get a better position for the shot he had to reach down with one hand and jerk the pack twice to move it side ways. So where's my problem come in? Well guys, as I said he was using a single shot rifle. From the begining of the scene.......right through him jerking the pack sideways...twice...the hammer was eared back..... fully cocked! Now we all no there's no safety in that situation and further more the adults acted in a manner that showed they knew it was cocked. The boy pulled the trigger and for some reason the gun did not go off and one adult had the boy break it open, then the adult put a shell in and recocked the rifle again. Sorry but I just don't think anyone, exspecially a kid, should be sitting there, or in his case laying there, with a loaded rifle fully cocked , no safety, waiting an undetermined amount of time to get a shot at an animal that was a long way from presenting said shot. In fact at the begining of the scene they hadn't even seen the buck yet but the rifle was already cocked! That's not the picture we need presented where gun safety is concerned. Heck, when the boy jerked the pack side ways...twice.. the rifle could have very easily gone off! I'm still shaking my head over it. :( Anyone else see the show and notice this?

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