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Squirrel Hunting Tips

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Posted 09 September 2008 - 05:16 PM

You all probably already know these, but there's always someone just getting started, so here's a few tips. When a squirrel plays hide and seek around the trunk of a tree, keeping you from getting a shot, toss your hat or jacket around to the side he's hiding on. That will flush him around to your side so you can get a shot. When not seeing any squirrels a good squirrel call will usually get them out, but lacking one, strike some small rocks together. It sounds like a squirrel cutting nuts and the squirrels will come out to investigate. If you're sitting and shoot a squirrel don't be too quick to run over and pick it up. Let it lay and remember where it's at. You'll usually get more shots at more squirrels doing that. If you pick it up right away you spook the other squirrels. Greys are usually more tender than the red Fox Squirrels but the young squirrels of both are great eating. An older squirrel tends to be tough but are sure great cooked in a crock pot or in dumplings. Anyone else have some tips?



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Posted 09 September 2008 - 07:27 PM

I have used the hat trick and it works. I have also used some twine and tied it to a bush on the opposite side of the tree and then pulled the twine and shook the bush. It works pretty well. I like to sit in a good squirrel woods and many times let the first one go for a while and many times another will show up and now I have two to shoot at. I once shot 5 squirrels out of the same huge old oak. Darn it is been cut down now. I like to hunt a patch of woods near corn fields especially if it has been in corn for a couple of years.
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