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Religious Compounds

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#1 silvertip-co


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Posted 21 September 2008 - 07:25 AM

I see yet another religious compound has breen raided by jack booted thugs(I thot they only raided federally licensed gun dealers). Similar to the big deal in TX the govt went in alleging porn and child marriage stuff. Let me assure you when these places get raided it has NOTHING to do with porn or kids. Going all the way back to Waco in the 90's it's all about TAXES.

These compounds and sects are all 501c3 tax exempt and the govt just cant stand it. So they raid them and allege all sorts of things in and effort to USURP property and give it to the corp real estate interests and generate TAXES. With the sole exception of the Warren Jeffs FLDS thing(Wow, who knew he was layin low in Westcliffe), if you notice no one is ever CHARGED with anything.

Bill Klinton / Janet Reno started the killing and taking in Waco and the govt continues on the course she set in an effort to get megachurch groups and separatist sects to pay TAXES.

That's the real deal.


#2 woodhick


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Posted 21 September 2008 - 08:04 AM

I agree 100% if they want to arrest people it can be done without violence but it seems that we need to use tanks and guns. Then again if you arrest someone they would go to trial and then what.

#3 TerryfromAR


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Posted 18 December 2008 - 09:46 PM

Silvertip if you're talking about the Tony Alamo ministries... theres a few details not everyone knows, i work for the local cable company, and if we go in to work on the hardline equipment the "Church's" security guards "escort" us around wearing their MP-5's across their shoulders, how many legitimate churches have a cache of arms? I hate siding with the gov't against any type of church but there have been alot of kids raised in this Tony Alamo Ministries Compound here that have come forward with allegations of being beaten, being starved, and abused in many other ways... Something just doesn't sit right with me on that fact. Tony Alamo is facing charges in i believe FEDERAL court on child porn, indecency, and transporting a minor across state lines..

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