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Exciting Morning Yesterday and Today

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Posted 13 May 2006 - 10:00 AM

YesterdayEric and I Went back to a spot where A longbeard busted me at about 40 yds the day before. We set up and that bird just stayed up on the side of the mountain gobbling. We then decided to move up to him. We went about 200 yds up the mt and reset up. He started coming off to the right where Eric was. It was rather thick brush and even though He could see the bird he could not see the beard. I kept calling and it ended up nearly in his lap. He shot at maybe 15 yds and missed the thing.

This morning He and I went right out back of my house and on the way out to our spot the turkeys started gobbling. Don't know exactly what time it was but it was still dark. Well they came down at the far end of the field except for one. A longbeard came in off to the left that I did not see. Eric saw it but when I called it turned around and skedaddled. The very vocal one stayed at the far end of the field wandering up and down and constantly gobbling. A young jake wandered by at about 9:00. We almost moved our setup but decided to tough it out for another hour. At the end of the hour when both our bodies were totally numb from sitting so long in the damp and sprinkles the loud gobbler decided to come out the field. Man it took him forever to come out. By the time he got to where we were my body was in full protest. Neck was killing me wrists ached and my tailbone was in full protest. The gobbler just stood out there at about 60 yds strutting, gobbling and spitting he finally worked himself to what I thought was under 40 yds by that time my body said either shoot now or move. Well I shot and off he went. The time was near 11:00 and that bird had almost constantly gobbled from at least 6:00 till then. Now all I have is an empty case and a memory of a great morning.
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#2 paturbo


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Posted 13 May 2006 - 10:13 AM

well at least you had a great day. Like they say the market is full of turkeys :lol: . better luck nest time.


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Posted 14 May 2006 - 05:56 AM

Man, no one can say you two have had a boring spring season. At least you'll have aching knees & ankles at Elkatraz to offset your tailbone & wrist aches here in PA. :lol:
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Posted 14 May 2006 - 10:32 AM

Paul, it's great just getting out isn't it? Jason and I went out today, our last of the season, and had an old Tom we've been after for a couple years, come just short of shooting range. The pasture he was in is bordered by a road and a truck came by and spotted him strutting. The truck stopped and spooked the Tom and off he flew. Oh well, there's still Archery and Fall Turkey Season. That Tom's wearing my tag, he just don't know it yet. :lol: He's an old bird, smart and wary, and will go right around 30 lbs with a beard that drags the ground. Even though we didn't get him it was still a lot of fun and a beautifull day to be in the woods. :yes:

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