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The Scentlok Debate

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#1 Whistle Pig

Whistle Pig

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Posted 13 October 2008 - 08:08 AM

Does anyone here use Scentlok, or rather how many of you use it? I know it is not a cure-all and you need to keep the wind in your face, wash your clothes, etc. I've been considering getting the Baselayers and like everything else I buy, I began doing some research on carbon clothes. To my surprise, I found some intersting technical reading regarding the carbon in the clothing to where in order to be recharged/renewed it needs to be heated to 900 degrees F. (Which is impossible for most everyone, not to mention turn the clothes to ash.) I've also read that the miliatary has some sort of carbon suit that they dispose of after using because the carbon cannot be revitalized. I've also found a class action lawsuit four MN hunters started against Scentlok last Sept due to this research... I'm having trouble finding updates. I guess I'm somewhat answering my own question in my mind, and somewhat relieved I never put those additional $100s into my coats and bibs. I think everyone has had close encounters with animals both with and without it. (For instance, my first year hunting at 12 sitting on a stump decked out like a blazing pumpkin I had a doe not 10 feet from me.) Can anyone post any information proving that the average 250 degree clothes dryer can recharge the carbon, even enough to make a difference? Seems like everyone (on TV) uses it, but it just doesn't seem to add up. <_<

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#2 Leo


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Posted 13 October 2008 - 11:08 AM

Well... here's the thing.

To carbonize carbon you need a temp of about 900 Deg Celcius.

To activate it you need exposure to steam at 250 degrees CELCIUS! That's 482 degrees Fahrenheit. Yep, that isn't going to happen in a household dryer.

Does this spell doom for Scentlok? IMO, no. Tossing the garment in the dryer will very likely regain lost performance. There are several chemical and physical reasons for this. In short, it works as long as the temperatures and agitation is enough to break loose some absorbed or physically trapped impurities. Truthfully, they can probably prove it experimentally.

Will the suit permanently loose a portion of it's effectiveness over time? Undoubtedly it will. What garment doesn't?

If the stuff indeed works as advertised who knows.
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#3 Spirithawk


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Posted 13 October 2008 - 11:29 AM

A while back I bought some British military chemical suits from the Hunters Specialies Catalog. Came with vacume packed, British style camo, hooded jacket and bib type pants. Both charcoal lined. They were advertised as scent control for hunters. Paid a grand total of $7 per suit. At that price I ordered several for friends too. They work great but the charcoal is a real pain when you sweat and you definitely need a shower after wearing one in warm weather. I prefer just using a good scent killer spray and a good cover scent. Does the job just as good and less hassle. :D

#4 Whitetiger


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Posted 13 October 2008 - 12:28 PM

I have it & use it. I've had doe & a red fox in my wind at less then 20 yards, while ground hunting and at most they've stopped, looked up and went back to what they were doing. The doe is now on my wall and the fox busted me when I was trying to get my camera out of my pocket.

I dont think it will stop all of your scent but enough to make it seem like you were there a day or two ago, instead of actually being there taking aim. Nothing will replace proper scent treatments like body washes & sprays or most importantly....minding the wind.

If your like me and hunt from the ground, any little edge helps alot.



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Posted 13 October 2008 - 01:36 PM

What I have read in the past several months pretty much dovetails with what you have found out WP. The garments work great when new but to reactivate there are problems. I believe that the military garments are the chemical warfare suits. The charcoal lining in them is much heavier than in any sporting/hunting garments. There is so much charcoal that it gets on your clothing worn underneath the suit. Even with that much lining they are discarded after 1 usage. Of course with being exposed to the type of chemicals they are designed to protect against what else could be done with them. They would contaminate everything they touch. I have gone through decontamination stations for practice and not only does the suit get discarded so does the clothing worn underneath. They do trap body heat so wearing a military suit can make you sweat like wearing a heavy coat in mild weather. I believe I read one article that claimed once the charcoal lining becomes full of scent, washing them only restores 5 to 7 % of their capability when new.
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#6 sschneid73


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Posted 13 October 2008 - 07:27 PM

Save your money and hunt the wind. Always works. I have had my wife in the stand and she had fo-fo on and we had deer all around us. She doesn't like to spray down so we get into one of my stands that is about 20 plus feet off the ground that seats 2 and we have a ball. I have never used it but then of course I have never had a reason to.


#7 mudduck


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Posted 16 October 2008 - 02:50 PM

Got the Jacket and Pants. In a nutshell, great looking camo pattern, fits well with extra pockets on jacket and pants. Too hot to wear early season here when temps can be in low 80's but is comfotable to wear in 60 degree to 45 gegree weather. You will look good in it even if you don't kill a deer :D . It has no magical properties, and does not out perform my other camo as far as scent blocking capabilities. When the temps cool, a lightweight rubber rain suit worn under your hunting clothes will out perform any scent blocker suit in my opinion.

#8 Rowdy Yates

Rowdy Yates

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Posted 16 October 2008 - 04:21 PM

I have used it. I have had more than one time that a buck and a dow were down wind of my setup in a treestand and they didn't appear to be winding me. I did spray down and took all the other scent steps to reduce my odor so I'd say it helps. I used balck bear hunting and I had bears down wind too but bears will smell human scent at the bait anyway. If you don't make more of it I think it helps keep it down.
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