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I Must Be Crazy

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Posted 18 October 2008 - 06:53 PM

Eric and I went to a favorite spot tonight. The wind was not very good but we went anyhow. We only got about 75 yds from the truck and was about 60 yds from where we wanted to go and Eric whispered "Dad, deer". I looked ahead into the field and sure enough there was a deer. We both just sat down right on the trail. The deer had not noticed us and was only about 50 yds away but we were right out in the open. I actually had it in the sights and judged it too small. At one point it went behind the farmers shed and I set up my shooting sticks. It reappeared and fed right toward us to the near side of the shed and went into the field above us. We watched this one for a few minutes when another deer appeared from behind the shed. This deer was a little larger but was still not very big. It was dead in the sights but the trigger was not pulled as I suspected it to be a buck fawn. I wanted their mama but she never showed. Finally after about 45 minutes they finally saw us and ran into the woods below and just stood there. We got up and went on out to the fields beyond and spotted another two deer but too far for a shot. We also had a deer back the other way in a field beyond the truck. On our way back to the truck a deer snorted at us from below. Oh and we heard a whole flock of turkeys going to roost up on the mountain and a flock of geese flew over too. Even though the freezer is still empty our hearts were full to bursting this evening.
If God had a refrigerator would your picture be on it.
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