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What D'ya Do With Your Old Bows?

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#1 Geoff / TBow

Geoff / TBow

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Posted 07 January 2009 - 08:00 PM

I've been bowhunting seriously now for nye on 36 years. I can probably tag on another 10 or 12 years where I took my dad's old bows out in to the fields beside our house to simulate african safaris for field mice, frogs, toads and bales of hay. And as a kid if you've never shot that skyward arrow just to see if you could launch it out of site, then I guess your common sense gene was a lot stronger than most of the rest of us at that juvenile age. I've always had a facination with the bow and arrow.

I guess over the years, I've owned near 30 bows and still have about 10 or so of them to this day. I don't change equipment all that aften, and like to keep my primary hunting bow for a few years, as I really don't see the need to upgrade constantly. Once I find a bow that suits my needs and I become comfortable with it, I probably stick with it for 5 to 7 years.

But what I was curious about, is what do you all do with your old bows once you opt for a new bow? Do you trade the old unit to cut the cost of that new toy? Or maybe the trade value is not all that great with the dealer and you manage the sale of the old girl yourself? Or maybe you give it away to a friend who is interested in getting into archery? Do you let your old bows gather dust in the garage or basement and just figure your wife or kids can deal with it in handling your estate once make that last great hunting trip? (By this I mean you've kicked the bucket. Not that you've taken that one trip that has finally ticked the bride off so she sells all of your gear while you're gone!). Do you find other uses for your old bows such as prime candidates for bowfishing rigs? Or do you use them to adorn the walls of your "man room?

The 10 or so bows that I still own have been hid all over my house in closets, under beds or behind the seat of my pickup. Since my kids have all moved out on their own, I've laid claim to my own domain at my abode and can honestly say that it's the first time in 32 years that I've been able to muster all of my toys into one location.

I have a couple old compounds that I've rigged up for bowfishing for my son and I and all my old recurves and longbows are hanging proudly in my newly decorated room that I like to refer to as my kingdom! I don't think I've sold any old bows for almost 20 years now. Not that I couldn't use the extra cash for some new toys, but I just don't think I'd get that much for them once I'm done with them.

Geoff / TBow
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Posted 07 January 2009 - 08:51 PM

I've sold or given them to friends or young people who wanted to get started in the sport.
3 of my bows have gone as handme downs to get someone else started with their first bow :)
1 I sold to Larry , and he still cusses me to this day for that :)
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Posted 07 January 2009 - 09:54 PM

I got a few of my old ones too. One day I will take a pic or two to show and tell.
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