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2008-9 Season In Review

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Posted 24 January 2009 - 08:40 PM

Today was a sad end to another season of deer hunting. Then again the last day is sad but atleast I do have something to look forward to.....another 1st day of deer season! Its a vicious cycle. :hmm: I hunt in a special regulations area (WMU 5C) and it has a late season doe hunt after the rest of the state closes.

I went back to billy goat country in the public park I hunt. Where I had found that deer highway last weekend. I wanted to be there early but I couldnt because I had to wait for the electrician to finish three little things to pass inspection (previous electrician had to replace the circuit breaker, upgrade from 150 - 200 & replace house drop but didnt finish the job so I got a new guy). Well he ran late & then had to go back for a different amp breaker then what the last guy put in for one of the wires which made me more late. I finally got to the woods & I'm 3/4's of the way up this mountain and I see something in the distance. What is it? A herd of doe walking past the spot I was supposed to be sitting in by now. So I scurry down the mountain side, hop in the car & drive round to the other side of the mountain. I had a good idea where they were heading. I park & hike back up the mountain & set up. Sure enough they were coming but something was wrong. They were running past me & into the next county. 20 minutes later I think I found out what it was. Another hunter was trailing them right to me until I started waiving at him then he went away. I waited a few hours and didnt see any other deer so I picked up their trail & followed it into a section of park I havent been to before. I found some nice spots I marked on my gps. I got a call around 4 to come home because of Cassie. She's had a cold & an ear infection for 2 days now & all she was doing was screaming for me and carrying on. She didnt want anything to do with my wife, mother in law or grand mother in law. So that ended my day early.
I cant complain to much of my season since I did have my "chance" & blew it with one unrecovered doe, 1 doe I passed on during early season while waiting for something more mature & 1 miss. 3 strikes and Im eating tag soup this year. I have found several good spots since I finally got to hunt in the snow. This park has alot of rock and its hard to find deer trails because of it. Next year has ALOT of potential for me. How did everyone else fair?

link to video of young doe I passed on. started at 13 yrd & she came to 6 feet before heading for the next county. hunt video



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Posted 24 January 2009 - 09:01 PM

I counted this past year as an outstanding year. Eric and I got a double on longbeards in the spring in Kansas. I then returned to Kansas for their muzzleloader season and Got a doe and passed up on another couple of does. I returned back to PA and got another doe with my inline muzzleloader in Oct. I missed a doe with my crossbow also. I also missed a big ten point buck but Eric got it. I did get a doe the last day of regular deer season. I missed a couple of turkeys this fall too. I got to hunt in the late flintlock season but did not get a shot but again Eric got a nice doe. In all it was a great season and I am pleased.
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Posted 25 January 2009 - 10:41 AM

We didn't have the best success rate this season but didn't do too bad. Any time you get to share time in the woods with your family is a good day and I treasure each time out with Jason. It was an interesting season with lots of new challenges. Loss of one hunting area and the gain of another. Learning to hunt another area that has radicaly changed due to flooding. We worked hard for the game we did score and that made it that much more meaningful. I too now look forward to next season. I've a new Optima Pro I'm dieing to go hunting with and Turkey Season always gets me fired up. Also I have the chance of meeting, for the first time, many of my treasured friends on here. Life is what you make of it and life is good. :D

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Posted 25 January 2009 - 06:52 PM

I had a blessed year to say the least!!I killed a beautiful,fallow doe with my bow,got to be beside two dear friends as they harvested to monster fallow bucks with their bow.I got two nice does with my smoke pole in tennessee ,and a big six point here in north carolina with a rifle.and two misses on does.so the lord smiled upon me this year and to him I AM THANKFUL!

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#5 Rowdy Yates

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Posted 26 January 2009 - 04:29 PM

I had a blessed year to say the least!!I killed a beautiful,fallow doe with my bow,got to be beside two dear friends as they harvested to monster fallow bucks with their bow.I got two nice does with my smoke pole in tennessee ,and a big six point here in north carolina with a rifle.and two misses on does.so the lord smiled upon me this year and to him I AM THANKFUL!


That's one of my best memories huntin with you all down there and this past year is no exception, totally a great time with the fellowship with everyone from here that was there and what we bow killed was acceptional to me. Made my year, thanks.
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Posted 26 January 2009 - 10:11 PM

2009 started off with a wyoming bison hunt with Huck and another husband & wife team. ...brought home a nice 3 year old cow....the hide is the comforter on the spare bed down stairs :) the skull is being bleached and boiled and will go up in the same room.

work sort of took over allot of things this year. I burned 4 pref points to hunt with the boys over at Hucks ( rifle elk) I got to go one day due to work.

I skipped all of archery season, burned an elk tag, deer tag, bear tag...because of my canada moose hunt that landed smack dab middle of archery season.

I did come home with a nice moose :)

And I wrapped up the year with no intention of hunting, just going to Larry & Mels to burn some powder...and we went coyote calling...ended up getting a bobcat that is along with the moose at the shop now being done up

I can't complain...I made choices...and went when I could and over all had a great year. :)
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Posted 13 February 2009 - 05:50 PM

...just another big 0 for us. Maybe 2009 will be better. But I doubt it :unsure: .


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