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Midlife Reloading Crisis

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 09:31 AM

I love to reload and am just a little particular doing so.
I have been wanting to mechanize some of my steps in reloading for a while such as trimming cases and inside and outside deburring and cleaning the primer pocket.
Yes I can use a drill and clean primer pockets and that's not so bad but deburring and trimming can be real tedious and at times put a cramp in your hand. I'm not to hip on RCBS'S reloading station for doing some of these task's.
Most of the manual case trimmers don't have a very long shelf life in that the bushing in the shaft goes through starts to wobble and you don't get a true cut. As far as manual case trimmers I think Redding is the best.I would l like to try one of the commercial power trimmers but would like to try before I buy. I'm ready to make one like the one I had growing up. We had a grinder set up with a very fine stone with an arm you just swung into the stone. Your case was cradled in a piece of angle iron with an adjusting screw for your length.
We also had an old mixmaster turned upside down with an inside and outside chamfer that worked great. I have found an old mixer but have not found some good chamfer tools yet.
Something that I do that most do not is blow the cases out. I have blown anything from old powder residue, brass fillings from trimming to pocket lint to even feathers and little rocks. Even tumbling will not get everything out. I have a system set up with a regulator set at 25 pounds to blow the cases out. If you use to much air it blows the case out of your hand.
The reason I'm having this reloading crisis is I'm thinking of shooting the Hunter Bench Rest competition for fun.
So please share what you use for equipment and what works the best!!
In looking to mechanize my reloading I came across an interesting part of the reloading industry.

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Posted 08 March 2009 - 08:42 PM

That is interesting. When he kept refering to PSU though I kept thinking of Penn State University then realized it was Phoenix. In PA it is unlawful to sell reloaded ammo without a license to do so.

I use an old L. E. Wilson trimmer. Since I do not have a great volume at any time I use the hand crank but could just as easily remove the crank and hook up a drill. The problem with the L. E. Wilson is the case is supported by a sleeve milled out to accept the case but lets the neck stickout. That sleeve takes the place of a chuck and there is no need for an inside neck collet. Those sleeves are hard to find. I also have a couple of chamfering tools made for a drill but just use the hand ones that you use both ends on. Much of my equipment came from my father-in-law who was a bench rest shooter back in the 50s. He was president of the NBRSA for 4 years during that time also. Back then most shooters made their own bullets and did all the reloading by hand for their competition ammo.
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Posted 09 March 2009 - 09:08 AM

These are pricey but are considered the rolls royce of trimmers.

Giraud Case Trimmer
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