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Ruger Mark Ii Target .22 Cal

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#1 cayugad


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Posted 15 May 2009 - 10:16 PM

I was shooting my Ruger Mark II .22 caliber Target pistol a few days ago. It has the Bull Barrel. This pistol is a real shooter. But you wanted to see the best comedy routine that afternoon. I had not broke the pistol down in MANY MANY years. But I got out the manual and broke the thing down. I did this because it was getting really slow on the range and was jamming. Well the thing was filthy. I scrubbed with solvent and even took brake cleaner and went out and really knocked the gunk out of it. After it was spotless, I oiled it up with Birchwood Casey Sheath, and I began to put the thing back together. Now I remember why I hated taking that pistol apart.

I bet I assembled and disassembled that thing twenty times and could not get it back together right. I read the manual. I even went online and watched videos of a person doing it. I followed him step by step. Only to have a gun put back together that could not open the bolt. I was at wits end.

I finally called Ruger Arms. A technician got on the phone with me and had me turn the gun this way and that way, and slide this part while pulling a trigger. Well guess what... it works. Thanks to Ruger and the person that put up with me.

So the next day I took it out and shot it. The thing is smooth as butter again and still deadly accurate. I would hate to guess how many rounds have went through this pistol. Thousands, it has to be. And it is still deadly accurate. If I use a bench rest, I was shooting a very impressive group at 50 yards with it.

Also I blame a lot of the strays when I shoot on the ammo. I was shooting Remington Thunderbolts. (It was what the store had on the shelf) I had bought a brick of them. And if you listen to your pistol there has to be something wrong when they make these cartridges. One will BOOM! The next will CRACK, and then you might get a POP. But I had something happen that I want to bring to your attention. I had one shell go off and all it did was poof... I knew it did not sound right, but the casing kicked out. The next shell jammed. When I went to clear the pistol I saw it. The bullet from the poof.. was seated just inside the barrel so it would not let the next cartridge load properly. It was then I thought, what if I were shooting one of my revolvers and pulled the trigger? LISTEN TO YOUR GUNS. If it don't sound right, its not. Check that weapon.

Well I cleaned the pistol up again but did not break it down this time. Today I took out one of my revolvers. A Taurus, and was shooting that. Let me say, I used to be a good shot, but today with that revolver I was not impressive at all. Except when I was shooting point shoot style combat. Then I could still make the thing shoot well. But my Ruger will shoot circles around that revolver.
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#2 Leo


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Posted 16 May 2009 - 08:54 AM

IMO, those 22cal Ruger Mark IIs with the bull barrels are one of the most accurate firearms Ruger has ever made.

As far as the ammo difficulties go, I'll say this, I've experienced more dud and "semi-dud" 22cal rimfire ammo than any other factory loaded ammo.
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#3 RobertR


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Posted 16 May 2009 - 09:25 AM

cayugad it can be frustrating reassembling those pistols and I can understand what you went through. I sure could have talked you through the procedure to get it together. I'll say this rugers semis are accurate but I think you can put more rounds through them using copper clad shells.
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Posted 16 May 2009 - 05:02 PM

Cayugad don't feel too bad. I have a walther 22 cal and even have the manual for it. I wanted to do a thorough cleaning and got the manual out and yep it was written in German so I remained clueless untill I was able to download an english version of the manual. I have yet to do a complete tear down and have not shot it yet.
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#5 cayugad


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Posted 17 May 2009 - 06:20 PM

It's nice to know there is someone that can put that Mark II Target together. :lol: When I had the Ruger Tec on the phone and was explaining what I was doing he was very kind. Then he'd tell me to tip the pistol this way and then that way, and make sure this one part was showing, and by golly, it worked.

I used to shoot a lot of combat pistol range courses. My wife for Christmas in 1986, bought me the Ruger Mark II (best thing she ever purchased for me) and then she got me one of them Ruger 10/22 rifles then next year. I could hit better with the pistol then the rifle. That rifle was not bad but never as accurate as I felt a .22 rifle should be. With the rotary magazine, I have to admit it was fun to load and then aim at something and just shoot rapid fire. I finally sold it.

I did have my .22 rifle out that day too. Its a very old Remington Fieldmaster pump rifle. I purchased that rifle new in 1972 as I remember. I have a 4x32mm Bushnell scope mounted on it that used to be on a deer rifle. Shooting squirrels with that is almost too easy. I was shooting small pieces of 2x4 blocks of wood at 75 yards with that off a bench rest. I shot a bulls eye at 25 yards with that and put five shots that could have been covered with a dime. I would hate to think how many squirrels and rabbits that pump rifle has taken over the years.
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#6 Spirithawk


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Posted 19 July 2009 - 07:54 PM

I really don't care much for any of the newer Remington firearms but the older ones were real work horses. Love the older .22's. Had two of the old Nylon stocked ones that I'll forever regret getting rid of.

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