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My Old Private Messages Are Messed Up!

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Posted 07 June 2009 - 02:47 PM

I'm sure by now we've probably all seen that most of our Private Messages that were sent or received before the forum upgrade now have a "Red X" in front of them when we visit our Messenger areas. A quick look around reveals that these "X'd" messages can not be replied to.
If you're like me, you were probably thinking... "That can't be good."
Well, here's the deal...

The old PM system worked very similarly to sending and receiving traditional e-mails. All quoted replies ended up in the same message body and the more replies you had going back and forth the harder things would become to follow along with. However, as some of you are probably aware of, more and more web mail (such as the very popular GMail) and even desktop e-mail clients are moving away from the traditional format to what they call "conversations" or "threaded e-mail". Well, you guessed it, the new forum software is now using this format too. This new layout basically looks very similar to a message forum thread. So, the good news is that if you're a posting member here you already know exactly what to expect. In truth, I like it better than the traditional e-mail format and think many here will as well. It's a lot easier to follow along with and you can even add other members into conversations at any time if you wish or need to. (Very cool.)

So, now you're thinking that's great. But, you're still wondering why, exactly, all of our old private messages are "broken", right? Simply, it's because Invision (the forum software makers) do not have a converter written to transform pre-upgrade PMs to the new Conversation format. Hopefully they will have this within the next update or two. (So, don't go nuts and just start deleting your entire inbox worth of PMs!) If not, however, then the worst case is that we all have an archive, if you will, that we can't reply to. I can think of a lot worse things. :)

I know for me that I had one PM I hadn't even read before the upgrade that I needed to reply to. All I did was copy and paste the person's message into a new Conversation and slapped a quote tag around it. Worked just fine.

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