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Things Have Come Full Circle

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Posted 14 June 2009 - 12:20 PM

I hope I don't offend anyone with this, it certainly is not my intent. I only wish to open some minds and eyes. I wrote this for the oldest First Nation site on the internet as how todays troubles are seen through " Indian" eyes.

Everyone is well aware of how our people were treated over the years since Columbus made a name for himself by getting lost. Both our People and Turtle Island has suffered many, many a wrong. That is not news and I blame no one alive today. You can not be responsible for wrongs that were done long before you were even born. What you can do though is try to make amends and correct those past mistakes. I'll even go as far as to give you a very good reason why you should. What might that reason be you may ask? Welllll my friends, it's because Turtle Island is now your home too an it continues to be plundered and pillaged by those who do so simply because they can. If that is not reason enough for you to care then try this on for size. The very same wrongs that were done to our People are now being done to you as well. You are now making the very same mistakes that my ancestors did so long ago. That is putting your trust in those who's only goals are money and power.....AT YOUR EXSPENSE! They are not only continuing to pillage Turtle Island and our People, but now you have the privilage of incuding yourselves. Don't think so? Can't see where I'm going with this? Let me ask you, do you watch the news? Read a paper? Now you too are having your homes taken away. Your land. You are losing the very things you once believed in. You are now losing things that YOU hold dear. Even your religion is forbiden in more and more places, just as ours was to us! Your language is being taken away and replaced by many foreign to you! You are being overwhelmed by more and more foreign invaders who now OWN your land. Many of those who are your own leaders are selling you out for their own selfish reasons. Just as many of ours did us and still do. You are being forced to fight wars just to try to hang on to what you now have. In a land where you were once rich in so many things, you find more and more and more being taken away...... every single day. You can deny this if you like but the truth does not change because you close your eyes and refuse to see it. Don't think you're being sold out? Take the American Dairy Farmer for example. Someone who is esentual to your way of life. Check the price of milk lately? Think the Dairy Farmer is getting rich? NOPE! Wrong if you thought so. The government dictates how much he gets paid and it's pennies compared to the dollars those get down the line. All the while increasing how much money it takes for them to stay in buiseness. I know personaly of many who have lost their farms, lost their way of life, had their families broken up as a result. The government can regulate how much a farmer gets for a gallon of milk but it can do nothing to regulate how much the oil companies get for a gallon of gas? Come on people, shouldn't you be asking why and demanding some straight answers to why all of these things are allowed to happen? Yes, as I see it things have gone full circle. Turtle Island is still being plundered and pillaged, just as when my ancestors were alive. The only diferance being that now you are included in the casualties. I do not care who you vote for, nor in what office, but it's time you put political parties aside. Time a persons wealth should not buy them your vote. It's time a persons verified record came into play, not just what they claim it to be. It's time they were held to their promises. Our People once lost much to broken treaties......broken promises. Now it is you who are losing too. It's time petty differances were cast aside. It's time we all woke up. It's time we fight back. Time we demand better of our leaders.....or would you rather just sit by doing nothing while all we hold dear is stolen once again. The choice is up to each and every one of you. You can have the heart of a warrior and strive to correct so many things going wrong....or you can sit idly by while Turtle Island continues to be pillaged and you right along with her! Please, demand better of our leaders and let them know you will settle for nothing less!.......So says Adanvdo Towodi ( Spirit Hawk )

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