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State Of The Union Address - Hr Style

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Posted 28 July 2009 - 10:01 AM

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you the President of Hunting Resource.
My fellow HuntingResource.com members... :roflmao:

Okay, seriously, I thought in light of all of the recent changes around here (and with more occurring daily and much still coming) that it was a good time to have a little "meeting". First, I'm pleased to announce that our efforts to stay current, grow and prosper are not in vain. This is generally a slow time of year for any hunting industry web site. However, we have seen a marked increase both in traffic to the site as well as in the amount of time that visitors are staying on the site once here. I attribute this largely to increasing and better site content, better member interaction, and a positive embracing of current web practices and trends (particularly social networking). We look forward to seeing this activity spill over to the forums, in both increased posting and membership, as the fall/winter hunting seasons approach.

One change made just this morning is that Hunting Resource now has a YouTube channel. We will use this resource to host our video tutorials as well as planned future video that will be spoken of at a later date. For current members who are used to surfing Hunting Resource, this change will not really affect how you use the site. You will still be able to access all of our video and tutorials right here through the Hunting Resource site. (For example, you will still find our recent bowstring serving video tutorial on HR without having to visit YouTube... Click Here to See) The difference, however, is that with the files being hosted by YouTube it will free up resources on our own server. Even more important is that our video will also be made available to those outside of our immediate group who may never have even heard of Hunting Resource thanks to the YouTube channel itself. (Click Here to visit the HR YouTube channel.) This will, obviously, serve to further increase our exposure and bring in traffic to the site. It will also be of value even to existing members as our YouTube channel and our Twitter account are linked. So, any time we upload a video to YouTube, it will be automatically "tweeted" (or posted on Twitter). If you're following us on Twitter here - @hrforums - (and you should be ;) ) you will be amongst the first to know any time something new is added to Hunting Resource.

Additionally, we now have a profile on CamoSpace.com. In just the first day after designing the page we have had over a dozen people start following us there. (I knew it was a popular service, but I never imagined...) Mind you that these people are all CamoSpace users who happened to find our profile there, not existing HR members. Naturally, we hope that as time moves on that many of these people will find their way over to the HR forums and join in! Check out the HR CamoSpace Profile.

In an ever-changing WWW, we have a responsibility to move forward or be left behind. This responsibility is to our membership first; it always has been and always will be. In light of our site's steady increase in activity, another of the issues we must address is generated revenue. To be perfectly blunt, we would be negligent if we squandered our opportunity to increase our income in such times. Despite what some may think, it is not now, nor has it ever been, about lining the pockets of anyone. Being perfectly transparent, HR's profit margin has always been virtually non-existent. All revenue generated by advertisers, sponsors and the like has always been put right back into the site. With that said, we do not fear or shun prosperity. If this site were to transcend simple viability and move to the level of a profitable business venture it would be a true and welcomed blessing from God.

Naturally, as site traffic increases and our server needs increase (both due to the simple increase in traffic and the increase in quality content) it becomes necessary to increase revenue to meet the increased financial need. (Please do not construe this to mean that Hunting Resource is currently in financial hardship or foresees such a circumstance! We are actually right on target, probably even doing a little better than expected, at this point even with the increase in spending this year.) Simply stated, we are just fine. However, we must continue to ensure that we will be fine well into the future. (I don't know about everyone else, but I've really come to enjoy this place and I plan to see it still around, even bigger and better, for a long time to come.)

One of the upcoming planned changes, in an attempt to capitalize fully upon our current position, is increased targeted advertising placed strategically throughout the site and forums. As always, we will strive to serve ads as tastefully and understatedly as possible. We will not utilize pop-ups or other blatantly obtrusive advertising practices on HuntingResource.com! One of the specific proposed ad campaigns would be content-targeted rotating text and image banners at the start and end of forum topics. (Above the topic head and then directly above the "quick reply" box, for example.) Naturally, the more advertising we place the more likely an ad will be seen and clicked. As we receive revenue from several of our existing campaigns on a per-click basis, this is obviously a desired outcome. (No charge for the brilliant "Web Advertising 101" lesson, there. Ha ha!) Please also be aware that when I say "targeting advertising" I am speaking of ensuring that the ads are relevant to what we do and discuss here. (Primarily hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.) We will never display ads for anything pornographic, illegal, or even simply the "unsavory". We always have been and, by the grace of God, always will be a family-oriented site. We always have and will continue to monitor all ads served on our site in order to block any that may come from those who purposely attempt to mask their product or service as being something it is not in order to find their way "through the cracks" to our site.

All told this may well be one of the most exciting times in Hunting Resource history. (There is so much going on even behind the scenes these days that is just truly wonderful and a blessing to people. God is good!) I hope I can speak on behalf of the rest of the staff when I say that we look forward to continuing to serve the membership here and invite more and more to join in. If anyone would like to discuss anything that has been addressed here or ask any questions, please feel free to visit this topic to do so. Or, as always, my e-mail address is in my signature. :)

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