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A Cheap Cleaner For Pyrodex

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#1 old fart

old fart


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Posted 15 September 2009 - 04:30 PM

i have this topic on other forums but would like some advice from all of you here, money being hard to come by i need a cheap cleaner that will clean pyrodex from my barrel. i was using the hot soapy water in my bath tub but my wife seen the black mess and put a stop to it, i always cleaned up when i was done but this time she came in before i was done and that put an end to that. i was told by some friends that windex was good, on the other forums they have said windex but not the stuff with amonia, the clear with viniger was the best. what do ya'll like and how well does it work?, i hope to find something i can use on my back porch to clean my gun good. i have bore butter to put in the barrel when i'm done, thanks for any help.

#2 Jeremiah


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Posted 15 September 2009 - 05:01 PM

An old pot or bucket filled with hot, soapy water on the back porch. :)

P.S. Bore Butter is bad news, IMO. It's a decent lube above freezing, but it does nothing to protect the metal from rust.

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#3 cayugad


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Posted 16 September 2009 - 09:29 PM

Jeremiah is right on the money with his advise. 30 years ago, before inlines, magic powders, 209 primers, all that stuff, we shot either black powder or Pyrodex. There were no "cleaners" to remove any fouling. We used to make a cleaner called MAP which works fine. BUT 99% of the time after shooting, we got a old coffee can, filled it with very very hot water and gave it a squirt of dishsoap. We'd pump that through the barrels and they would come out spotless. Just dip a patch in that water, then lay that over the nose of the muzzle. Make sure part of the barrel that is open, is under the water level in the coffee can, and start working them wet patches down the bore. You will see the water flush through the barrel and all the fouling come pouring out.

If you really want to dry the barrel easy, have a tea kettle on. Take the barrel outside, and pour boiling water down through the barrel. With leather gloves on, take the barrel after it has drained back to the cleaning area. Run a patch with some alcohol on it through the bore. That alcohol will displace the water and the hot barrel will about dry it self. A couple of dry patches after that and then run a patch with good gun oil on it through the barrel.

I hate to bash bore butter because I used it for years. BUT if you do not use it 100% properly it can cause some real accuracy problems down the road. There really is no need to season these new modern steel barrels. But do what you feel comfortable with. You can wax your barrel or oil it.
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Posted 03 October 2009 - 03:48 PM

A coffee can for the water works well. I also use a plastic ice cream bucket. I most always take my cleaning a step further. After the scrubbing with hot soapy water and drying it I most always take a modern cleaning solvent like hoppes #9 or hoppes elite or one of many other products and satuate a patch and run it up and down the barrel like you would a modern firearm. It never ceases to amaze me how dirty that patch comes out. I then swab with clean dry patches till they come out clean. I then oil my bore with Rem oil, CLP or hoppes oil and after a wipedown on the outside it is ready to store. I do not like bore butter in my rifles either. I will use it as a bore size bullet lube but not in the bore for storage. I can remove the oil in the barrel before I shoot with an alcohol patch but have no idea how to remove bore butter. I sight in with a clean barrel and that is the way I hunt too.
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