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Had Some Fun Yesterday

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Posted 08 November 2009 - 07:56 PM

The day started off with the alarm going off at 4:45. I stumbled down the steps and while brewing coffee I noticed the outside temp was a balmy 21 degrees. I firmed up my decision to wear my insulated bibs. I dressed like I was going hunting in the middle of the winter. I waddled out to the truck feeling like the Pillsbury Doughboy but confident that I could sit still to hunt some fall turkeys. I picked up Eric and we went across the valley to the mountain. There is nothing like climbing halfway up a mountain in the cold dark of predawn. We finally got set up and I thoroughly enjoyed sitting there and watching the woods come alive with the brightening light of dawn. just after full daylight I saw something coming that was dark and about the size of a turkey. I got into position and waited but nothing came into the open. Once we decided to move on I asked Eric if he saw what came out through the woods and he said it was a big raccoon. We decided to walk the side of this steep old mountain. Man that is a tough job with so many leaves down and covering the rocks that can cause a bad fall. We sneaked about a mile and found very little turkey sign till we came to a field that extended right up the side of the mountain to near our level. There we began to find fresh sign. As we neared the corner of the field we heard turkeys ahead of us. Eric was carrying a 222 rifle and I had my shotgun. He said he could see them and said to get ready. He shot out through the brush and 3 or 4 turkeys took flight. I lined up on one and promptly missed it. Just as I shot here came a turkey flying straight toward us. I got excited and shot behind it and could not get lined up quickly enough for a going away shot. At least we had broken up the flock. We picked a spot to set up and waited for a while and began to call. We finally got an answer from above us which was not anticipated and was really hard to move enough to aim that way. Well that bird never showed itself. We in all sat there about 4 hours on the hardest rocks we could find but no more birds answered. We both had noticed that all the birds looked pretty big and surmised that we had broken the flock of toms I knew were in the area and a tom is not so anxious to get back together with the others as hens are. We finally gave up on them and walked about 80 yards and another bird called from above. We knelt down but to no avail again. By this time we had hunted all day without anything to eat or drink so we called it a day. What some may count as failure we counted as a big success and although we came home empty handed we both had a full heart.

Today Eric went to our neighboring farm and talked with the one owner and he said he has been seeing turkeys every day on the other farm over by the mountain and that they come out about noon every day. Guess where I plan on being tomorrow. I hope that I will not get up as stiff and sore as I did this morning though.
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