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Kel Tec Vrs. Ruger Lcp

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Posted 18 November 2009 - 10:53 AM

I'm looking at getting a compact pistol to carry as my main CCW weapon. I have my over/under derringer in a 9mm Luger, which I intend to carry as a backup, but I want something with a bit more range and cartridge capacity while still being easily concealed. I've narrowed it down to two weapons, the Kel Tec and the Ruger LCP. I'm really torn between the two. Jason has a Kel Tec and I'm very impressed with how it carries and shoots. I'm not impressed with the finish which looks as if it's just rough cast. I'm a big fan of Ruger and the LCP has a better finish than the Kel Tec but I've never shot one. Also the Kel Tec comes in a variety of calibers, the Ruger comes only in .380. Both are priced about the same and the Ruger LCP looks a lot like a copy of the Kel Tec. Soooo, any advice guys? Right now I'm thinking that the winner will be which ever one I can find the best deal on. Posted Image

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Posted 19 November 2009 - 01:26 PM

Norm I have absolutely no experience with either of your possible choices. You and I are not getting any younger and as we age we look a little rough around the edges so if you choose the Kel Tek I would understand completely. Lol
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Posted 19 November 2009 - 06:02 PM

For once I have knowledge to share. I have owned both and found pros and cons with both.

As far as the kel tec is concerned, I would pass. I carried one off duty for about a year. It point shot perfectly, never malfunctioned unless provoked, good trigger and concealed perfectly. The problem was that after a round had been chambered and carried that way for a while, the hammer spring (which is half-cocked) would fatigue and produce a light strike misfire. In order to make another atempt, I had to rack the slide to re-###### the hammer because they aren't true double action. If you know a good gunsmith that can correct that then I guess it wouldn't hurt to try a kel tec. I called kel tec, they do not recognize that light strike as a defect because they don't recommend ever carrying a loaded gun, duh, and fixing it yourself voids the warrranty. I sold mine for $250.

So recently I came across the LCP looking for a CCW gun for my wife. I remembered liking everything about the kel tec and assumed that Ruger wouldn't allow a light strike malfunction go untreated. I called Ruger and presented my case. I called the service department because I don't trust salesmen to give straight answers regardless of the brand. Their people assured me that no such service had been needed but would be fixed if the issue should arise with their gun. the pros of the LCP are basically the same as the kel tec because it is just a more attractive copy of the kel tec. One diffference is that the LCP has a manual slide lock that only catches when you hold the button up, not after the last round is fired. The kel tec stays open after the last round with an empty mag in but can only be locked open by inserting an empty mag and racking the slide. I prefer the kel tec on that one because it's nice to know when you're empty. The LCP does give you the chance to quote Harry Callahan in a gun fight if you like.
Also, I mentioned on here shortly after my first outing with the LCP that it has a rediculously long trigger pull. No matter how experienced a shooter you are, you will probably flinch in anticipation. Dry fired it a couple times before you but one just to see where it breaks. I had to assume that in a situation that calls for that type of weapon, I wouldn't be very picky about trigger pull, but very dissapointed to here a click instead of a bang.

I think in most places they have the same price. kel tec used to be really cheap but prices went up with popularity. Around here there going for $360 for the .380 and even though the kel tec .32 is a little less, I would recommend getting the .380 of whichever you may choose. My wife shot the .32 and preferred the lighter recoil (did I mention that the .380 really kicks) but once again in a life or death situation...

I would like to add, at no extra charge, that kel tec produces a belt clip that mounts to either their gun or ruger's that allows you to slip the gun in you pants. Making it unbelievably comfortable in every position, completely concealed (cops wouldn't find it in a pat-down) and very handy when needed. Because it was so easy to conceal, and comfortable I wore that gun as regularly as glasses or a wrist watch. Not easlily said about other styles of CCW. I would tuck in an under shirt, Clip the gun in the dip between my six-pack abs and hip : ) , and wear an overshirt untucked.To draw, just lift the overshirt with one hand while jamming my other hands thumb along my undershirt until seated firmly on the guns grip. Squeeze, pull-up, drive towards target while pulling trigger. And If you really like to practice like you shoot, maybe scream and run for cover at the same time.

If you read all that and still want to know more, feel free to ask.

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 04:39 PM

First off, Paul, I'm not just rough around the edges, I'm rough in between too! Posted Image

JR, is the trigger pull on the Ruger even longer than on the Kel Tec? I know my son's Kel Tec .32 has a very long trigger pull. It's designed that way as a safety device. I really kind of liked it. In my case it actually kept me from flinching. Thanks for your info. It's very much apreciated.

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