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Sighted In Today

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Posted 19 November 2009 - 02:13 PM

I have a sako 222 Rem that I got from my Father-in-law. It is an old rifle and I have no idea the model but it is a bolt action with dovetailed scope bases integral with the receiver. It sported a 15 power Lyman target scope that may be as old as I am. Don't get me wrong that combo is a real tack driver. The trouble is the scope is a target scope and I was very concerned about taking it out in damp weather, plus the cross hairs virtually disappear in the woods on an overcast day. I finally decided to upgrade the scope. Due to the nature of the target scope being external adjustments on the rear mount and the front mount was quite a ways down the barrel I also had to get mounts. Eric already changed his same rifle over to a new scope so I decided to go his route. Being a 222 Rem recoil is not a problem. I began by looking for genuine sako mounts. WOW I soon decided to go with a substitute as those mounts run from $250 to over $300 just for the mounts. Leopold makes a mount that fits the dovetailed bases of the sako and I finally found them online for about $59.00 for high mounts. I also went with a target/varmint scope from Tasco it is a 6 - 24 power 42 mm scope. Last night I took the old scope off and attached the new mounts I then leveled the rifle with a small level. I then placed the scope in the mounts and it fit perfectly without any problem. I then lightly tightened the ring screws and adjusted the scope to my eye. I then rechecked the gun level and proceeded to level the scope. Man this is the way to go. The cross hairs were perfectly aligned by doing this. I then tightened all the screws with a recently purchased Fat Wrench.

This morning between rain showers I took the rifle to my little range behind the house and bore sighted it at 25 yds. I then moved back to 50 yards and fired a shot. It was high and a little left. I then dialed the scope from the bullseye to the hole and fired another shot. I was sure I saw the hole but should have checked the target as I over corrected but in two shots it was exactly where I wanted it at 1/2 inch high at 50 yds. I then shot another round of proven ammo and just enlarged the hole. I then switched to my turkey loads and fired two more and still had only a ragged hole 1/2 inch high. Oh boy I am a happy camper and if it were not raining right now I would be out there in quest of the wily turkey.

This is not an expensive scope. It cost me less than $90. I bought it and the mounts online at Opticsplanet on this past monday. I had the package by Wednesday afternoon and the shipping and handling was free too. With this scope I am sure I could shoot the fuzz off a ticks ear at 100 yds. Yep I am happy.

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#2 Rowdy Yates

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 03:52 PM

You'd be the man there PA! Posted Image Heck I'm envious with access to a range like what you have to setup and check my rifles, too sweet.

Sounds to me you knew exactly what you were doing and had done a number of times before, expert setup in no time. Now are going varmit hunting any time soon with it? That round I bet would play rat-tat-tat with any coyote and drop in their tracks.

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Posted 20 November 2009 - 05:32 PM

A good day at the range is a great day!

Just for future reference. These are the guys to buy Sako/Tikka rings from for reasonable $$$.

TJ General Store

You can get the genuine Sako Optilocks plus bases from them for $146. That's about half what you were being told.

I've bought Optilocks from TJ General Store myself and they were the real deal (not copies).
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Posted 20 November 2009 - 08:01 PM

No this is not the first scope I have mounted/swapped. Even though I have done it many times over the years I still do not own a bore sighter. I can get pretty close by looking through the bore while the rifle is on the bench. A 22 caliber, once you find the target, is actually easier than the larger calibers. I have a sight vise that I can clamp the rifle into and it holds pretty well. Having a range in my back yard is invaluable to me. I do live too close to other neighbors that I mostly do not shoot my 270 or 7mm mag there but have done so in the past. I do shoot my muzzleloader(s) there though. This rifle is a heavy barreled 222 that was used for a time in bench rest shooting.

Leo the mounts that I got were made by Leopold. The only difference is the original sako has a larger footprint where it fits in the dovetail. Leopold claims that their mounts are cnc machined from a single block of steel and seem to be adequate for a 222 Rem. Since my rifle is a heavy barrel and is very weighty for a 222 rem there is practically no recoil and I think the mounts will do fine.
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