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Blu Ray Surprise

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 01:49 PM

We got a Panasonic Blu Ray player for Christmas. It's really sweet especially when hooked up via HDMI.

But a couple of surprises await those who are diving into this recent technology. Number 1 is firmware upgrades. With Blu Ray you really need to learn how to do this to take full advantage of different disks features. That goes for getting the movie to play well too.

There are two ways to upgrade firmware. Hook up to an ethernet connection with your home network. Or burn the firmware on a CD-R and load it manually. Well I don't have an extra wireless router to plug into. I needed to go the CD-R route. No biggy. Here's the catch the CD-R method. The CD-R must be burnt in ISO9660 format or it will turn your Blu Ray player into an expensive brick! I found out the hard way Vista DOES NOT support ISO9660. So my Blu Ray player was a brick until I burned a new firmware disk with a computer loaded with XP. We are at Windows 7 release now and I would have thought Vista being newer than XP would have burned the most appropriate copy. Wrong! This frankly took me hours to figure out, so I hope I just saved someone the same aggravation and anxiety I just experienced!

Next time I'll just lug the thing physically to the router and plug it in!
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