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Gamehide Clothing And Lost Camo

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Posted 25 January 2010 - 10:55 AM

The poll on camo on the home page got me a thunkin about camo and what I have had some real success with this year.

The last two weekends I've participated in a deer drive in the city parks. On those hunts I saw all sorts of very old camo patterns and some worked. I didn't see ASAT, Predator, Enigma or anything other than RT or MO. There were almost 40 guys and gals out hunting during each of these drives.

Several of the guys in the deer drive made a point to come up to me to say how I truly disappear even when they knew where I was standing. One guy that said something was only twenty yards away and he lost me several times. If I didn't move they had no idea I was there. I have not taken any photos of myself and really don't plan on it. I noticed the deer didn't avoid me and seem not to notice me either. I had three deer about 10 yards or less from me on three different occasions but they were at a full run and bounding over logs. The deer avoid other guys standing on both sides of me that were around 20 yards or more away. I wouldn't take that shot especially with so many people around me.

I was wearing my newest camo clothing. I wore a camo neck gaiter pulled up around my face up to my nose and knit cap with my new jacket and pants made by Gamehide called the Drenalin in Lost Camo. Yes it's a part of the Mathews addition of clothing line by Gamehide. The quality of the clothing is excellent. It's warm in 30 degree temps especially with some good base layering underneath it. It is very quiet too and made of the Hush hide material.

I wore Gamehide Lost Camo no-recoil shirt and pants in Colorado this summer on my Pronghorn hunt. It's not made of cotton but a material that helps remove moisture. The hunt was in the high plains with grasses and cactus. The Lost Camo pattern does not imitate that country. After I shot my Pronghorn I called my guides to pick me up and then got out of my blind to check the buck. The guides drove their pickup truck within 10 yards of me while I was leaning over my Pronghorn and they didn't see me. I was in plain view of the two tracks. I had to yell at them to get them to see me once they got out of the truck 40 yards from me at the blind. They both remarked then what was I wearing in a camo pattern.

On an early season fall hunt when I bow killed my little whitetail off the ground I wore it. That little buck saw me but hesitated long enough for me to take the shot.

I've had comment after comment about the pattern and all positive. I thought a little review would help you if you were giving a thought about changing this year to some other camo or line of clothing. Check it out at www.gamehide.com and look at the Mathews edition. Also check it out at http://mathewsinc.com/lost-camo.asp for some photos of the pattern in the field.

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Posted 25 January 2010 - 07:44 PM

I am still using my BDUs in the woodlands/forest pattern and it seems to work well even in the spring hunting turkeys. It has been said that a turkey can see colors much better than we can but a deer has little color vision. For hunting any game movement is what is seen first and catches the eye of any animal. I do not advocate not using camo but am also convinced that some patterns out there are designed to separate the hunter from his/her money more than conceal that person in a hunting situation.
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