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Just Bought A Yukon

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#1 old fart

old fart


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Posted 07 April 2010 - 07:51 PM

i just bought a yukon from a friend who just ordered it. when he got it today he opened it up and said he did not like a short barrel. he didn't read about the barrel length just bought it on looks. its a traditions yukon with a nickel barrel and mossy oak stock, he said he'd sell it cheap just to have some money to put towards a muzzleloader with a longer barrel. i asked him how much and he said $100, so i bought it and its home with me. does anyone have one of these?, are they good guns?, i'm not a year long shooter i hunt about 14 days a year with a muzzleloader. thanks for any help.



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Posted 07 April 2010 - 08:01 PM

Can't help you with your particular model but I shoot and hunt with several short barreled muzzleloaders. I like them for the less weight to carry all day. None of my short barreled rifles let me down in the accuracy department either. My max load in any of my short barreled rifles is 90 grains of 2f bp. I get good accuracy with 80 to 90 grains of powder out to the ranges I can hunt around here.
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Posted 08 April 2010 - 07:26 PM

Hey, nothing wrong with that. You got a pretty good deal. Not sure who, but it seems I remeber someone on here as having a Yukon. Might be Cayugad but any time you can get a new muzzleloader for $100 you're getting a deal. Let us know how it shoots.

#4 cayugad


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Posted 13 April 2010 - 03:45 PM

I do not have the Yukon but I have a Remington Genesis. The Genesis is the Yukon with a stainless steel barrel. You have a very fine weapon there. If it is like my Genesis, that thing will flat out shoot.

100 grains and a 250 grain XTP or Shockwave on 100 grains of Pyrodex RS will normally be an excellent load. I have been playing with mine shooting 120 grains of Goex 2f and different bullets and it has been doing a great job.

This range session took place March 31st, of this year.

I started off with a clean barrel and dropped down two 50 grain Triple Seven pellets. I was interested to see how the rifle shot a heavier then normal bullet. I usually shoot a 200 grain or 250 grain. But I got a deal on some 300 grain Hornady SST with a supplied black sabot.

Posted Image

Why the rifle threw two high like that I am not sure. I can understand the first, being a clean barrel. I was swabbing between shots. But as I remember all of them loaded about the same. Very tight and slid down the bore kind of hard. But I was pleased with the accuracy.

I then got some Simple Green and swabbed the barrel clean. I made sure it was dry and ready to go. I then loaded 120 grains of Goex 2f and the same 300 grain Hornady SST. I kind of guessed this would be a max load for the rifle.

Posted Image

I never kept track of the shots other then the first hit. I was having too much fun. In that new box of Hornady SST's it said there were 20 projectiles and sabots. I shot six at the other target. And there are four left in the box. So this is a ten shot group. Every time I shot I could see the hole get a little bigger. And the smoke from 120 grains of Goex is really something when it covers the back yard. It was a lot of fun, and the rifle did real well with the big charge.

I was then guessing that clean up was going to be a chore. Well it was not. There was no blow back from the breech plug, nothing on the belly of the scope. And I took one saturated Windex patch and swabbed the bore.

Posted Image

I was shocked the bore was that clean with one patch. It made me wonder if this Montana X-treme Bore Conditioner really is working. I mean, black powder scares people because of the fouling and mess. Well I did not find that to be true at all. And outside shooting black powder the smoke and stink is really a lot of fun.

Over all the rifle did great. It had a great scope. And the weather conditions were almost perfect. It was windy, but sunny and warm. I can not wait to try this load at 100+ distances.

This might give you some ideas. I also shoot a 250 grain Barnes MZ Expander with two pellets. That is the best shooting load this rifle does. I was able to shoot a group or .478 three shot group at 68 yards with it last winder. Now when you figure the bullet is a .452 you do the math.

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