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Bbd (Big Bird Down)

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Posted 21 May 2010 - 07:34 PM

I have been getting up really early since the 14th of April in Kansas and quite frankly did not sleep well last night. I got up and shut off the alarm and layed back down as I thought I heard it raining. After a minute I got up and looked out the window and no rain so I decided to get out there and let the birds make a fool of me again. I had decided to hunt the big very red headed tom that made a fool of Eric and I a few days ago. I got set up and heard a couple of distant gobbles from the pasture above the woods I was set up in. I sat there only a few minutes admiring a beautiful sunrise and when I looked out in the field there was a turkey about 50 yds out in the field but about 80 yds away. I slowly raised my binos and there he was but was looking right at me. He started to putt and walked back to the woods with me wondering how he got out in the field without me seeing him. About that time two different gobblers sounded off from the pasture above me. I decided two gobblers were worth one putting at me where I was. I gathered my stuff and up the woods I went. About half way there I bumped a turkey off roost and only prayed that it was not the one sounding off. My fears were unfounded as the ones up in the field sounded off again. I sneaked up to about 30 yds from the lower fenceline and saw something way up and out the field. The binos confirmed it was a longbeard in full strut, no there were two longbeards my heart fell when I also saw a hen with them. I knew if I tried to call the hen would just lead them away. Just then yet another gobbler sounded off about straight down from the two strutters and near the fenceline. I dropped to my hands and knees and crawled to a tree about 20 yds from the edge and sat down. About that time the hidden gobbler sounded off again and was definately closer. I got my gun up and he sounded off only about 30 yds away. Almost immediately I could see a big red head and the gun went off almost by itself and the bird disappeared. I jumped up and ran toward the fenceline but did not see a bird till I got almost there. He layed in a little ditch just inside the fenceline I actually thought "How am I going to get through the electric fence to get this bird. Just then he started to flop and by golly he flopped right under the fence and into a small ditch on my side of the fence. Boy was I a happy camper. It turned out that he weighed only 17 3/4 pounds but sported a 10 inch plus beard and one spur was exactly 1 inch and the other 1 1/8 inches. By the spur length he was at least a 3 yr old but possibly lost some weight chasing the ladies. Oh how good that extra weight felt on the way back to the truck. This one I dedicated to my friend spirithawk as there was a hawk flying over the field at my first set up and flew toward the upper pasture three times before dissappearing. I don't know how you did that Norm but your spirit was there. Thank you for sending that hawk to point the way.
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Posted 21 May 2010 - 07:42 PM

Awesome buddy! Hearing that really made my day. Congrats my friend.Posted Image You have me smiling ear to ear!Posted Image

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Posted 21 May 2010 - 07:43 PM

Awesome Morning Hunt Paul! HUGE Congrats on getting across homeplate after all the effort you put in this spring !Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image

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