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The Jingle Bell Gobbler

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Posted 30 May 2010 - 11:39 PM

Wow, what a season!! As the first day of our season started (at our Casters camp as always) I got paired up with my rather big friend Judd, him and I sat in one of Phil's blinds and him and I just took turns snoozing and hearing nothing but the crick and each other snorring, LOL. I had to work till the next Friday and Pop and I decided to make it a quest to try to find the long beards around home. Dad and I went to mountain where we just knew we could find some action, as we would not be let down. We sat in a fence row and let the morning arrive, we heard gobbling in front of us and behind.

As we sat there I said to Dad, hey I think I see a deer up in the field, as it worked out the fence row in front of us this what I thought was a deer turned into a rather BIG yote. As a matter of fact I think it is the largested song dog I have seen to this date but it would not come any closer than 150 yards and we would just have to watch it disappear into the big timber to not to be seen again. We kept calling and I called 2 turkeys into about 50 yards but they just would not come in any closer and I seen one of the gobblers had a very red head but it just was not our day but very interesting.

Saturday we decided to go up on the mountain to try and find that gobbler that would not show himself and we split up to try to call him in (he is a very wise bird) and as Pop was getting set up he bumped the bird and it flew to the bottom of the mountain and that ended that hunt. So we went to where we thought we could call him or another bird in and we seen birds but they just would not come any closer than eye sight and things just did not work.

Monday morning we decided to go to where we shot our spring birds last year and that is where I would have the hunt of a lifetime. A tom would gobble and come up to with in 75 yards but he just would not show himself and go back to where he came from. We sat there and didn't know what to do, as time went on a deer snorted below us and then a bunch of crows just went nuts (I mean I haven't heard crows make this much ruckis) and it wasn't min later I hear our decoy being hit and as I look here comes a bobcat and it attacked our blow up turkey and it ripped it off the stake and ran right to me (less than 20 yards away) and stopped, I have never seen that before and to have Dad sitting not 25 yards form me and we both get to see this unfold is priceless.

Tuesday through Saturday we sat at different spots and had turkeys come in to 50 yards and just hang up but would not come in the rest of the way (TALK ABOUT PULLING YOUR HAIR OUT). I had to work the third week and as the 3'rd Friday came I get this call at work and they say over the loud speaker your Dad is on the phone, I just knew he wacked the BIG gobbler we were after but it wasn't but a great bird none the less. The 3'rd Saturday I had to work as we had a BIG fda inspection coming up so I didn't make it out.

Now it is the last Saturday so Pop and I decided to hunt the lower fields as that seemed to have the best action. As day light came and went WE HEARD NOTHING, then a hawk kept flying around and making a lot of noise and soon after a crow (this is where we came up with the topic title) LOL as it crowed it sure sounded like the first part of jungle bells and we both at the same time said that crow must like that jingle, LOL. A little time went by and Dad just called and a young hen called back, (I thought it sure sounded like the bearded hen we seen earlier in the 2nd week but it didn't come to us and worked it's way from us. We moved even lower into another field (finally heard a gobble) and did another setup but nothing. So around 9 am I said lets go up to the young cattle field and make a last ditch effort, This is where Pop killed his bird and I had seen a bunch of birds on and off through this season. We got set up and the O'L lynch box call went to work, it wasn't 30 min and this one bird just called kept calling and walked right to us (she wasn't 5yard at the closest) and as she was making her point we heard a gobble to our right and she called a bunch of other birds into the field with her, (we had the best decoy the good Lord could give us). I said hey Dad I see a couple of birds entering the field to our right at about 175 yards, he puts the binos on them and says your not going to believe this but all of them are long ropes. They all worked there way to the hen that wasn't 35 yards away from us but she decided to work up the field and I thought here we go again, long beards just out of range AGAIN and no shot. 2 of the gobblers fanned and strutted and put on a heck of a show (I sure wish I had my cam-corder) and then another hen came out of nowhere and all the birds worked into a big circle so no shot (I could have shot 3 birds with one shot) so I held my fire. My heart sank as they all started walking off and then I said a little prayer PLEASE LORD LET ONE OF THESE BOYS COME BACK. All of a sudden the last bird looked our direction and started walking twards us putting and at full alert (don't know for surtin) but what I thought was 40 yards I took the shot, he hit the dirt and did the last flop of his life and that ended my season for 2010. I stepped off the yardage and that bird was right at 50 yards so I can't say more than this bird was ment to be mine. I sure am glad to spend time with my Father, Best friend, and huntin partner as these are the best years of my huntin carrier. Sorry for the LOOOOOONG post but thanks for lookin and here are a few picks of the Jingle gobbler, LOL.
The beard length is 10 1/2 inches
Spur length 3/4 and a little over 3/4
And I forgot to weigh him but he is right at 20 pounds.
Posted Image
Posted Image
And as most of you know I am into truck and tractor pulling and my favorite Chevy truck (The Sled Wrecker) won the first pull of the season so I can say this weekend has to be one of the best for me. LOL

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 04:27 AM

Congratulations on the turkey, the story and the time spent with Dad great job on all the above.Posted Image

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Posted 31 May 2010 - 04:53 AM

Great hunting season Eric !...CONGRATS !
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Posted 31 May 2010 - 07:22 AM

When that crow sounded off with a Caw Caw Caw Caw Caw Caw in the exact cadence of Jingle Bells I started to snicker and mentioned to Eric that it sounded just like that crow was trying to sing Jingle Bells he laughed and said that he thought the same thing. Of course the hawk was present too. I flew up the field time and again just like the morning I got my bird. We did move lower for a while but no action there. I sat there thinking we should be up above at the pasture when Eric said he thought we should go up to the pasture and check things out, I immediately started picking things up for the move. So back past our first set up and on up through the woods to the edge of the woods at the lower fenceline of the pasture. It was a good setup with weeds covering us up very well. I called and that cackling hen came to less than 5 yards and then went up the field about 30 yds or so and here came 4 turkeys toward us. All were longbeards so I told Eric all were great toms so it didn't matter which one he shot. He was holding his gun up for so long I noticed the barrel wavering till he lowered it to a strand of the electric fence. Those toms sure took their good old time coming to that hen. My heart sank when they started up the field away from us. My heart near skipped a beat when one tom alerted and started back down toward us. What a great day, and a great season. Leo you are absolute right that patience kills turkeys. Thank you spirithawk for having that hawk show us where the turkeys were not once but twice. You sure were there in spirit.
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Posted 01 June 2010 - 06:05 PM

Awesome Eric! Congrats buddy.Posted Image Paul, I couldn't be more happy than if Jason and I had scored. Congrats to you both and thanks for thinking of me.Posted Image

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Posted 01 June 2010 - 06:30 PM

Nice story Eric! I enjoyed it!
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Posted 02 June 2010 - 07:01 PM

Thanks for taking us with you on that hunt Eric. Great story and time spent with family.


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