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Shooting With A Friend

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Posted 19 June 2010 - 10:38 AM

A young friend of mine called me last week. He had been working for me at the house here, to earn some money. And he became interested in shooting muzzleloader and wanted my help sighting in his rifle. He had only shot the rifle once before. He came over and I checked his rifle. It was a Traditions Deer Hunter .50 caliber 1-48 twist. Looked like a nice rifle.

I then went and got my .50 caliber Traditions Woodsman Hawkins off the shelf. I figured we would be a little even as far as rifles go.

He said he had not shot in over a year and "never really sighted in the rife." I put up the target that had two bulls one it, and asked him what distance he wanted to shoot. He said 50 yards, so that is where it was set. He picked the target on the right, so I shot at the one on the left.

We were both shooting 85 grains of powder. He shot Pyrodex RS and I shot Goex 2f. We both used moose milk and pillow tick. Also we were shooting my home cast .490 ball. He started shooting and was spraying all over the target for some reason, even missing the target at times. I was hitting right over the bulls eye like I should be, making a nice group.

He then wanted to move up to 25 yards, so we did that. He just could not seem to get with it so I suggested he shoot my rifle and I shoot his for a couple shots. Well I put the one, under his bulls eye. I then learned he shoots a full cover sight picture while I shoot a six o'clock. So my hit would make sense. He does have a stiff trigger but I have seen worse.

I then watched him and could see he was pulling his shots, jerking the trigger. I mentioned that to him and told him to work on that. At 25 yards the three in the center of my bull was the results. My rifle was shooting real well.

He continued to spray the target. He finally wanted to shoot cans. So we set some water filled soda pop cans back up at 50 yards and he was shooting at them. He was not hitting them, but was having a lot of fun. I was exploding them for him.

He then started putting up some real challenges. Ones that I was getting a little nervous about. He found a potato on the ground about the size of a ping pong ball. He set that on top of a chunk of firewood at 50 yards and dared me to shoot it off the can without hitting the wood. You can picture my relief when the smoke cleared the potato was gone and the wood was still standing on end there unharmed.

He finally said he had enough shooting for the day. When we shot at cans I was free hand (the potato I was bench rest shooting) shooting. I was using a strange hold, shooting off the flat of my palm with the hand just in front of the trigger guard. It was working real good for me.

I told him to come back and we work on his jerking the trigger. Again, I blame the trigger a little. He said that Tradition Arms fixed the trigger for it as it used to be a lot harder to pull. But I think I might get him through his trigger and then he can start to do some serious shooting. He wants to deer hunt with it. If there were any deer around.

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Posted 19 June 2010 - 07:31 PM

That is just so good. Shooting which I know you love to do and to impart some of your knowledge to someone else is priceless.
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