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Fun Shooting

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Posted 06 September 2010 - 06:28 PM

Eric and I got our flintlocks out this afternoon and did some experimental shooting. What I mean is Eric tried a couple of different bore size conicals in his 1:48 twist Lyman deerstalker. We used 80 grains of 3f Goex and a felt bore button under a 370 gr maxi ball and then tried some maxi hunters at 350 gr and the same powder load. The maxi hunters did not group very well so he shot a couple more of the 370 gr maxi balls after we moved his sight. At 50 yds his last two shots overlapped each other just under the bull. He figures he has a new bullet. He is excited to try this big chunk of lead on a deer.

I had my RMC Accusporter out and with the 1:28 twist barrel and also used the same 80 gr load and had two good shots but one was off the mark. I usually shoot a 300 gr Hornady XTP in a harvester crush rib sabot and will have to get those out and see how well they shoot again.

We also were shooting with my youngest sons Boyd sled and testing it out too. It seemed to work good for us but we still got rapped pretty good in the shoulder from those stout bullets. It is a good solid rest though. It has a leather cup at the rear for the stock to rest in instead of a solid metal cup like the lead sled. Eric and I both gave it a thumbs up.
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