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#1 Jeremiah


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Posted 08 October 2010 - 06:50 PM

I am too beat to even type a real a story. (Sorry.)

Suffice it to say that a doe wandered by me this morning and I let a pointy stick fly in her direction. Honestly, it doesn't get much more exciting than that anyway. It was a bit comical that I was actually in the middle of texting my father when I happened to look up and see 5 doe walking single-file down one of the trails in front of me. They were already there! I never heard a thing. They were just there. It then became all about the caveman instinct...
"Throw phone down."
"Pick weapon up."

Definitely a first for me... almost missing out on a shot opportunity due to "technological advancements". :doh2:

Bad pictures... (Cell phone camera, ironically. :doh2: :doh2: )

Posted Image

Rage broadheads... hmm...
Well, I am a fixed blade broadhead man. Still pretty much am. Never really even wanted to try the Rage. (Almost purposely avoided them due to all of the "hype". Well, I once again found out that's an awfully dumb reason to not do or try a given thing. Maybe one day I'll learn. Oh well.) But, I wanted to use a mechanical out of the new crossbow. (I don't care what anyone says... a 20" bolt has a tendency to get squirrely when you put open blades on the front after about 20-25 yards. If you consistently get away with it using anything lighter than a 150 grn. head, count yourself blessed.) I did a good bit of research and was assured (by the makers of the Rage) that as long as I ensured the blades were properly closed before shooting that they would not deploy in flight even out of my 225 lb. (350 f.p.s.) Excalibur Equinox. I figured... if nothing else, these heads are so popular that I shouldn't have any problem finding them if I need more. Well, I was right about that and also, I believe, right in my choice. This deer didn't go 20 yards and dropped in sight. (You have no idea how truly precious a gift that is unless you have mobility issues.)

There was no blood trail.
There was simply a blood bath.
A few choice shots enclosed... (Warning: Graphic! Click away NOW if you have a weak stomach.)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I didn't take a pic of the small intestine pouch hanging out the other side. :eek:
The Rage simply annihilated this deer.

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#2 J Gabel

J Gabel

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Posted 08 October 2010 - 07:39 PM

Sweet Jer, congrats man.
Some good eating there.



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Posted 09 October 2010 - 04:12 AM

Way to go Jer. Enjoy your backstraps.



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Posted 09 October 2010 - 10:44 AM

Congratulations on that trophy doe. Haven't you learned that todays deer aren't your grandpas deer. They have developed a definate stealth mode. They also appear when you are least attentive. I have adopted my own strategy to combat this. I pretend to be busy with something nonhunting or even pretend to be asleep at the stick, pun intended, works for me and obviously for you too. Those broadheads certainly are the rage too.

Edited by PA RIDGE RUNNER, 09 October 2010 - 10:46 AM.

If God had a refrigerator would your picture be on it.
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#5 TerryfromAR


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Posted 09 October 2010 - 11:12 AM

Your title said it all SCORE!! Enjoy the meat bubba.... Looks like the Rage performed perfectly for you.
Semper Fi

#6 Phil


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Posted 09 October 2010 - 07:02 PM

Wish i'd been sitting there next to ya Jeremiah ! Congrats on a nice trophy !:hunter:
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#7 Coalman


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Posted 10 October 2010 - 08:06 AM

Congratulation Jeremiah!

Sweet post!
Your eye in the northeast sky.

#8 Rowdy Yates

Rowdy Yates

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Posted 10 October 2010 - 10:07 AM

I like the pictures and the story, congratulation Jeremiah! Thanks for sharing that with us.
"Keep the sun forever at your back, the wind forever in your face, and may forever God bless you out there on the trail."

#9 Leo


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Posted 11 October 2010 - 12:57 PM

Congrats Jer, glad you're getting out there! Good deal on breaking in the new crossbow!
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#10 mudduck


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Posted 12 October 2010 - 04:32 PM

Very nice indeed,I have seen a few animals that had been enRAGEd, always the same story, truly massive bloodtrails. Congrats again!

#11 The Hunk

The Hunk


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Posted 16 October 2010 - 07:58 AM

AWESOME Jer. It's a great time of year to be out. I'm glad you scored. All you need are some horns on the ground now.:yes:

#12 sticknstring


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Posted 29 October 2010 - 09:15 PM

Grats Jer! Love the bloodtrail-even a blind man could see that!
I am still fighting the rage thing-over rated @ $40 per 3!! :blink: Maybe one day I'll see the light:rofl: I will say, I shot fixed blades for many years-our friend, Will(huckleberry) convinced me to experiment with mechanicals-that was 5 yrs ago...I won't shoot anything else(fixed blades). Mechanicals "blow" big holes, have better blood trails and simply "anchor" critters better than fixed blades not to mention they fly "true".

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