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Right To Hunt & Fish

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Posted 18 October 2010 - 12:23 PM

In a fight against such animal rights groups as PETA, on Nov. 2, 2,010 four states, Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina and Tennessee, voters witll be asked whether or not hunting and fishing should be constitutional rights. Kentucky plans a vote in 2,012. Of course PETA is against it. Besides being a God given right to hunt and fish, over the past 70 years, hunters alone nationwide have contributed more than $6.4 billion dollars to wildlife conservation efforts. I wonder how much groups like PETA have contributed? It was easy to find how much hunters and fishermen contribute, along with groups like the Nat. Wild Turkey Federation and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to just name two. A simple search turned up numerouse pages of hits but kinda odd, doing a search I could find NO stats on what groups like PETA contribute. Wonder why?:rolleyes: Here's the states that allready guarantee the right to hunt and fish;

Alabama - Voters in 1996 approved a "Sportsperson's Bill of Rights" that stated "all persons shall have the right to hunt and fish in this state in accordance with law and regulations."

California (Right to Fish 1910, The people shall have the right to fish upon and from the public lands of the State and in the waters thereof, excepting upon lands set aside for fish hatcheries, and no land owned by the State shall ever be sold or transferred without reserving in the people the absolute right to fish thereupon; and no law shall ever be passed making it a crime for the people to enter upon the public lands within this State for the purpose of fishing in any water containing fish that have been planted therein by the State; provided, that the Legislature may by statute, provide for the season when and the conditions under which the different species of fish may be taken.)Georgia (2006, "The tradition of fishing and hunting and the taking of fish and wildlife shall be reserved for the people and shall be managed by law and regulation for the public good.")

Louisiana (2004, "The freedom to hunt, fish, and trap wildlife, including all aquatic life, traditionally taken by hunters, trappers and anglers, is a valued natural heritage that shall be forever preserved for the people.")

Minnesota (1998, "Hunting and fishing and the taking of game and fish are a valued part of our heritage that shall be forever preserved for the people and shall be managed by law and regulation for the public good.")

Montana (2004 amended the state constitution in part to read "the opportunity to harvest wild fish and wild game animals is a heritage that shall forever be preserved to the individual citizens of the state.")

North Dakota (2000, "Hunting, trapping, and fishing and the taking of game and fish are a valued part of our heritage and will be forever preserved for the people and managed by law and regulation for the public good.")

Rhode Island (Right to Fish 1844, The people shall continue to enjoy and freely exercise all the rights of fishery, and the privileges of the shore, to which they have been heretofore entitled under the charter and usages of this state. But no new right is intended to be granted, nor any existing right impaired, by this declaration.)

Vermont (1777, The inhabitants of this State shall have the liberty in seasonable times, to hunt and fowl on the lands they hold, and on other lands not inclosed, and in like manner to fish in all boatable and other waters (not private property) under proper regulations, to be made and provided by the General Assembly.)

Virginia (2000, "the people have a right to hunt, fish, and harvest game, subject to such regulations and restrictions as the General Assembly may prescribe by general law.")

Wisconsin (2003, "The people have the right to fish, hunt, trap, and take game subject only to reasonable restrictions as prescribed by law."

Oklahoma (2008, "All citizens of this state shall have a right to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest game and fish, subject only to reasonable regulation as prescribed by the Legislature and the Wildlife Conservation Commission.")

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Posted 18 October 2010 - 06:47 PM

I bet I know which way it's gonna go in Arkansas.... LOL :hunter:

Just to clarify the folks, men or women, who don't hunt or fish in Arkansas, are typically asked what's wrong with them LMAO

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