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The Half-Whitt Brothers.

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Posted 05 July 2011 - 11:39 PM

To brothers who were a bit on the slow side, decided they wanted to take their new trolling up to the lake and try it out. So after renting a small boat they put the motor on the back started it up and headed out from the dock.

After getting about ten feet from the dock the motor which wasn't tightened on good fell off the boat and sank to bottom about 10 ft. down.

Well one of them had to dive down and bring it back so they drew straws and of course one got the shorter of the straws and dove down to get the motor. After about 30 seconds went by the brother in the boat became a bit concerned and leaned over the edge and gently put his out streached hands on the surface of the the lake to calm the water to make a window so he could look down and see what what taking his brother so long?

What does he see but his brother down there pulling the starter cord on the motor and as he looks closer he says to himself, what a dummy, he forgot to choke it!

Well they finally get the motor up and back on the boat and attached good this time and find what seems like might be a good spot and start fishing. They are elated as they are catching fish just about as fast as their baited hooks hit the water. So the one brother says to the other, we need to remember this spot on the lake so the other one reaches in his pocket and pulls out a piece of chalk and leans over the side of the boat and draws a big X on it to mark the spot. But then his brother asks him, whats going to happen if we don't get this boat the next time we come back up here? ? Isn't someone else going to find out about our spot??

After they've returned home for a few weeks they decide they want to go Bear hunting and after studding some maps get all their stuff together and loaded in the truck and head out for a destination in the high mountains. The spot they picked was only accessible by logging roads and it had taken them a good portion of the day to get somewhat near there destination. As they were getting closer there was some construction work going on and a sign for a detour which said, Bear Left! One look at that, they looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders and turned around and went back home.

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Posted 06 July 2011 - 01:21 PM

Ha Ha.
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