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First Whitetail Buck

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Posted 26 November 2011 - 03:24 PM

Well all I finally scored on a whitetail buck he was just about a 2 year old 3x2 but I was as happy as if he were a 6 year old 12 point. I have been waiting 31 years for this. Up until now my kills have all been doe. I got it at 7:30am Sunday November 20th. After putting my 12ga in the blind I took out my drag that had been marinating in a mixture of tink's 69 gel and code blue doe urine for a week. I made about a 40 yd circle out around a spot I saw a small 4x4 in the previous weekend before hanging it in a tree about 10 yds infront of my blind. I was in the blind And settled by 6:15 it was warm and breezy so I thought my chances were really low of even seeing a deer. I was relaxing and enjoying the morning, I wasn't even paying attention to the time. I was content to just be out there. While scanning I caught movement to my left I turned my head to see a deer creeping in slowly with it's head down, then I noticed the horns. I picked up my binculars to get a better view and saw that it had 3 on one side which meant it was legal and would fill the empty space in my freezer nicely. I waited until his head was behind a tree to raise the shotgun and took off the safety. I waited for a clear shot, put the bead center mast of his neck and let the 3" magnum 000buck fly. Good hit that dropped him in his tracks. No tracking no blood trail he was down. Then my heart started racing,hands shaking and a feeling of accomplishment came over me that if I ever stop getting I will quit hunting. I went over and made sure he wasn' t getting up still shaking like a leaf I filled my tag out, tagged him and dragged him to the private road through our property. I backed my truck up to where he was loaded him in the bed and after a little prayer of thanks to God Almighty I pointed my truck towards my brother' s house to get to work. Tomorrow I'm taking my 3 year old son with me because I promised him once Daddy got a deer he could "go shoot deer". I already know what I'm in for, how ever long I can stand of " Daddy there's deer" when there's nothing there and. "Daddy I want shoot deer" and "Daddy what's that?" LOL. He's taking his toy rifle and I'm taking my muzzleloader so we'll see what happens. One thing I'm counting on is making memories that will last a lifetime and instilling in Luke a love for the outdoors that he can pass on to his children and they to their children.
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Posted 26 November 2011 - 08:14 PM

Way to go, Terry! Me and Duane went out this morning. I have been up since 7:50 am yesterday. At 7:50 this morning I cranked a good buck myself. He was definately a scrapper, He busted 5 points off his rack..

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