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Ammunition Feeding Issues On High End Pistols

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 08:03 AM

Do all high end firearms have feeding issues with cheap target ammo? I shoot American eagle brand ammo for target practice, Its inexpensive. My brother just purchased his 1st pistol, I havent had the chance to shoot with him but he said that his new sig sauer mosquito jams on the box of 22 (long)ammo I gave him from my .22 single shot rifle I no longer have. Im not sure if its just not cycling or actually jamming. Years ago I had a friend who bought an high end pistol in .40 cal (dont remember the model but m & p sounds familiar) It had a shell case jam & had to be removed by a smith. I was thinking about a pocket Glock in 9mm but will I have to change ammo for practice? What do you all shoot when plinking?

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 09:13 AM

Have your brother run a box or two of Federal Premium Gold Medal .22lr ammo through his pistol, and see if it's indeed a feed issue or an ammo quality issue. We have had problems with (cheap) Remington and Wnchester failing to feed on semi autos, no problem with the Feds. For the 9mm and .40 (as we don't reload those), we have had excellent results with Fiocchi and Magtech brands, and they are readily available in our area,and inexpensive. For those caliburs that we do reload for, and shoot in semi autos, jams and failure to feed issues have "practically" become non-issues.

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 10:20 AM

Bad ammo can cause a problem but so can a "dirty" gun. Contrary to what some folks think. A brand new gun isn't always clean.

On autos it's very important to degrease a brand new gun with a gun scrubber solvent and then use a lubricant that drys like Breakfree CLP. Many new guns have way to much grease in them to protect the parts during storage to function optimally out of the box.

Guns that have come from overseas typically have the most protective grease in them. You are gonna have to take the gun apart to get at all of it. So if your not comfortable doing that, get a gunsmith to do it.

If it's never had a total strip down and clean than that might be the problem.

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 10:30 AM

How many rounds does he have through it? With "tight tolerance" pistols, I don't even give much consideration to function until I've got a couple hundred rounds through it. After that point, I'm on board with the above. (Cleaning the piece and trying other ammo, etc.) For right now, depending upon exactly what is happening (failure to feed, failure to eject, etc.), he may also want to check out some simple things like the top edges of the magazine and feed ramp. Even the top of the line manufacturers don't always do a fantastic job of polishing ramps and such well from the factory. (It's super easy to do and only takes a minute. But, that extra minute on the assembly line costs them money.)

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 05:36 PM

Ok I'm shocked that Mudduck didn't mention CCI MiniMags.... I LOVE those rounds in .22lr..... Dad has a 40 year old Marlin Model 60 that jams with cheap ammo, so I'm sold on the CCI MiniMags. Only round I've put through it that it hasn't jammed. Though to be fair it's only been them, Winchester SuperX 22, and Remington Thunderbolts.
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